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Frage von Hofgarten:


I want in my Project learn a video, this can not be easily integrated into the storyboard hereinziehen. Here do I get the answer "you have in your project a non-standard video frame rate is added. This may result in the creation of film Syncronisationsproblemen lead."
If I've caught, I see in the preview window is not the complete picture - here, for example, missing persons included the legs, but the rest is displayed in full.
The video is as yourself - MVI_008.AVI - with a Cannon Camera and have been on the PC already stored.

I hope I can be one of you help and give me a tip, because I'm already a few days almost s.verzweifeln.

Many greetings
Ina [/ b]


Antwort von cutaway:


which I have found you in google:



Antwort von rodi:

Hi Ina,
there is a possibility your AVI's so that the studio can work with them.
The prog is called for TRex is of Pinnacle and can be downloaded free of charge.
In a previous posting I have already stated:
Click HERE
Try it once.

Viele Grüsse


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