Infoseite // Pinnacle Studio AV / DV - What software must be accompanied??

Frage von ironymus:

Hello in the round,
It took me "increased Pinnacle Studio AV / DV version 9" (Package with PCI interface card). Now I see that is useful only when the SE version of Pinnacle 9 accompanies them. The already announced on ebay for 1,99 ¬. My question is: Is this a tricked? Should not supplied with the bundle the full version, also synonymous nothing on the packaging of the SE version is? Anyone who also has this package and I can tell what would be the right software? Thank you.


Antwort von Vitrend:

As far as I could determine the "full version of video editing software, Studio Version 9" fyeiligen (source: Ebay Auktionsnr.: 8807439342) is


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Pinnacle Studio AV / DV - What software must be accompanied??

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