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Frage von egosofa:


unfortunately I have another question: In a video that I've played with Premiere CS3 as FLV and consisting of only photos, individual photos are extremely blurred.

This affects only photos for which I chose to premiere a larger cut than the original. In the working window, they are displayed sharp anyway.

My project settings:
HDV 1080p, 25fps, 1440x1080, DH Anamorphic (1.33), no fields

When I play the movie as an MP4 (1440x1080), all of the photos are sharp.
When I film as FLV (540x304 play) for the Web, all the photos sharp - except for those photos.

I have the images involved have already sharpened in Photoshop, and the cutting back a bit, but synonymous these images in the FLV video will be shown exaggerated washy.

Can someone help me?

Thank you very much.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Let your views via the Super MP4 FLV to do ;-)

B. DeKid

Always great render and output can be separately (external). (eg via Avisynth etc.)


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