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Premiere CS3 Bild und Ton asynchron - Workaround?

Premiere CS3 Picture and Sound asynchronously - workaround?

Frage von mleko:
Oktober 2008


I already have eternal gegoogelt, but unfortunately no solution to my problem.

It is this. We have a major film project, and there are about 10 mini DV tapes emerged. The film was shot with the Canon HV20 (with 35mm adapter). Sun - Film rotated finished, everything is imported into Premiere. For the average equal to the sound of the camera with them.
In VLC are the files we have already probegesichtet times, and everything great.
Then came the cut in Premiere CS3 ... and the files are completely asynchronously - the picture jumps and sometimes 1-5 frames in front and back.
In VLC but all super!

Since Google has not used, or no solution for this problem, I wanted you to ask for a workaround:

And, since we do everything with Ext microphoniert have a Tascam, the sound will still drübersynchronisiert.
Are we all on FinalCut cut, there will be no more problems.
Or is it already established in the material? The fact that already there is a mistake. But in VLC as I said, everything fits.

What say you? It really is about much in this film, and we do not want to fail s.der technology!

Liebe Grüße

Antwort von Axel:

When did you last seen a trailer? That is far too long and complacent. I do not generally have anything against music, only the suspicion that they are the images that actually are themselves quite eloquent, plattdrückt.

Why filming in HD and YouTube is a platform? Prefer a somewhat smaller audience, and in HD on Vimeo.

What the Asynchronität may be, I know not synonymous. It is true that with Final Cut Pro HDV with no problems in CS3 but not synonymous, provided everything is set correctly.

Antwort von mleko:

Thanks for the really helpful answer!

What concerns the trailer ... well that it is synonymous people who eat lettuce.
Youtube is the only reason why has been elected to fast the crew, the film s.den were involved, to show that they have done a good job.
Music will be composed ... why is this einzweil below!

First and foremost is not about film criticism, but to help with technical problems!

Antwort von Axel:

"mleko" wrote:
Thanks for the really helpful answer!

Well, yes before the bursting sarcasm. With the search we encounter numerous threads relating to Premiere, HDV and Asynchronität. No thread is with a "bug" closed. Some swear by HDV split, others retort back, never to have had problems. A friend, the premiere has capturet synonymous HDV (and certainly synonymous the "p"), without Asynchronität.
The indexing, adjusting the sound seems to be completed in Premiere to be when it comes to such errors (a problem that the actual file is undamaged, you will see that VLC or WMP to play). Here is Final Cut Pro an advantage, the sound when capture is already adapted. Do you therefore have access to Final Cut Pro, does that then you have the problem that the files later back again to get into Windows, which does not accept HDV Quicktime ...

Antwort von mleko:

So is the error during the capture in Premiere.
That means I have all the 10 tapes again in Final Cut Pro to restore?
Then we would have been a lot of work to done otherwise.

Thnx for the answer

Antwort von Axel:

I wanted to not say so. Unfortunately I have no premiere, but maybe you can repeat the indexing?

Antwort von mleko:

And, as one repeats the indexing?

Antwort von Axel:

No clue, look in the manual s.besten times after. In this

Antwort von jazzy_d:

I have heard synonymous, it could s.irgendwelchen onboard sound chips are located and as a "video card" which is also a sound chip draufhat could help.

I was in CS3 yet 1x very slight Asynchronität. It must have somehow s.Capturen lie. I have always capture HDV without separation scene with HDVSplit because CS2 was not yet, until I noticed the CS3 now and this may indeed be better for CS3. I like the workflow, an hour or so, with only one file to work. And I can synonymous imagine that my computer and my hard disks are so dear. When I then but the little moose Snip what I needed because another async capturte agreed with it. I have seen in my entire recording but only synonymous so 2 or 3 "Dropuots" noticed.

But as with the chip cards anyway to complete the workflow and file-so per "scene" a file, the future is, yes, I could scene with separation times play around.

Antwort von Zizi:

Have the very same problem!
Sound lagging 5 seconds behind her in CS3!
Find synonymous no solution!
In VLC klapts wuderbar .. maybe an Adobe times should apply to the problem!

Antwort von mleko:

I have gelsesen that premiere CS4 better with hd material should avoid?

werds times with final cut sample.

thanks for the many respond

Antwort von mleko:


With the Apple Final Cut Pro Res (HQ) about 10 HDV - MiniDV tapes recorded, cut and edited in AE no problems!

Is certainly a very good alternative to Premiere

Antwort von Zizi:

Yes Final Cut is a good alternative! (have the same designer)
But these problems are synonymous gibts da!

Antwort von mleko:

mhm - I've already read synonymous ...
but is certainly a good alternative to prem.pro

Antwort von KrischanDO:

"mleko" wrote:
mhm - I've already read synonymous ...
but is certainly a good alternative to prem.pro

Yes, especially on Windows systems ...


Antwort von weitwinkel:

the material could have been so synonymous with times or Edius vegas (trial)
test ...
gruß cj

Antwort von mleko:

mhm ...
the stupid to the whole is so crazy that it goes much time to get once a program has durchgetestet correctly.

the asynchronität was synonymous with me after I first 10 mini-DV cassettes recorded and about 50 hours geschnitten hab!

So for the price that the whole cost-cutting program - a brashness that not even the simplest things together!
I would rather have a stable program than for any other version 100 on liquid effects!

Fortunately, I can at the uni, the most common full test

Antwort von mleko:

"KrischanDO" wrote:
"mleko" wrote:
mhm - I've already read synonymous ...
but is certainly a good alternative to prem.pro

Yes, especially on Windows systems ...


but today is not synonymous problem more ... osx on a win - to install system

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