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Frage von bernhardp:

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Hello people ...

Adobe Premiere, as synonymous GSpot each recognize only 2.3 GB of the uncoded 18GB DV-AVI. The file opens in the premiere of normal, but only about 20% available .... 2 weeks been trying to find a solution, since the DV-Cam was borrowed and re-import one is impossible. When converting the file via VirtualDub economically in the same format s.The 50 GB large because I have limited space and too many of these files are not synonymous Grös is the solution ...

Angäblich but it will be a patch file, so you can edit the movie makers imported AVIs normal in Premiere ....

White just not next ... do you know a way to be able to edit files back to normal (this refers to 8 hours recording)

MfG Bernhard

PS: What is "truncated"?


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Bernard,

If not, how does the file in Windows Movie Maker?


Antwort von Roadman:

no, did not have any solution to penetrate and such eine ... windows movie maker knows which files to 100% and premiere in general only about 25%

ie ... one avi movie maker has exported 20 GB .... However, the file is exported with VirtualDub (which is the familiar question format) into an AVI so also has this s.The 60 GB ... too much for 5 cuts on my "only" 200GB big disk ....

So how do I bring to the premiere of the Movie Maker that he DV format "very" familiar and not just 25%?
These 25% are normal editable in premiere, only just, unfortunately, only 25% of the file. The playback of the file is synonymous quite normal in every viewer

?!?!?!?! am at a loss ....


Antwort von Markus:

The reason why Virtual Dub creates such a large AVI file, hanging with the (lack of) compression together. Digital video is 5:1 compressed, but Virtual Dub stores (in this case, preposterously) 1:1.

In this context, the article you "rest in the Picture" are interested in the latest issue of PC video. In its course it is very detailed about the choice of an appropriate DV codec (read: download the correct compression) in Virtual Dub:> Items for ¬ 1.99.

Alternative: If you file with the movie maker can complete the process, then at least try once, to share, eg 20 GB file in 4 pieces and export each section as a separate DV AVI.


Antwort von tico225:

"Markus" wrote: Alternative: If you file with the movie maker can complete the process, then at least try once, to share, eg 20 GB file in 4 pieces and export each section as a separate DV AVI.

Ish have been trying ... No result .... :-(


Antwort von Markus:

The alternative to the first tip therefore does not work. As the work with VirtualDub and running an appropriate codec (described in the linked article)?


Antwort von flO_1:

you have now found a solution for your problem?

namely, did the same problem ...


Antwort von MiXMaster:

Indirectly, yes ... Had to modify the codec and lose ha ever searched for the right without a lot of quality ...

Just got the AVI with VirtualDub and the codec "Main Concept" recompress ... almost the same memory size and loss ...

Other possibilities I unfortunately was not synonymous! MfG


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