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Frage von Agrajag47:


I've searched the forum, but found my most beginners have any questions (for my purposes, sufficient) response. In this respect "Look with your own ignorance to ask - but I think the questions are answered quickly.

I work with Premiere Pro CS4, and have usof a sequence included four different perspectives that I would like Zusammenschneiden now.

1) I know, hard cut is basically mad, I want to do much synonymous. But it should be s.manchen Make a soft fading. From old versions of Premiere, I still know the "Video Clip 1 is 1-track, clip 2 is in Video 2 track and overlaps a bit. In between is an effects track. Now is the fading effect of the overlap gap between video put 1 and video 2 - done. " Gibt's das in Premiere CS4 yet? Or do you show - as I use the Help feature, and videos, now put all the clips in a track? This just can (hopefully) not be.

2) it would be very practical, if I could see in parallel the four shots and could then say: "Now take video 1, video now take 3" etc. The "Multi-camera monitor" sounds later, but always shows me just a video at the same time .. I can indeed ner with another drop-down bar to choose, but I want to see them at the same time. Is that possible?

3) If I capture the HDV tapes, then they automatically compressed. Now this may well be necessary, because siebzigtausendtrillionen GB uncompressed HDV takes place - but you can theoretically's capture uncompressed synonymous?

Thanks for your help!


Antwort von nicecam:

Hello Agrajag47,

Unfortunately, I have zero idea of CS4, but to point 2, but look again at this

Antwort von Wiro:

The multicam feature is exactly what you are looking for.
The developers have programmed just for you :-)

Go exactly according to the instructions in the manual before, it already works.
Then there you have a target sequence, in which you can insert visors.
If you prefer the 2Spur editing, then pull the blinds just a clip in Track2 and overlap it. Then put in the upper trail for some Aperture.

On the subject of uncompressed:
Stay on the carpet. When Capturn is not compressed, but in the camera. The data is then recorded as they were taken. A conversion to uncompressed you even bring anything.

Greeting Wiro


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