Infoseite // Problem: movie timeline synchronously / asynchronously growing Exported AVI!

Frage von buarma:

Help! Since yesterday following drives me quite curious problem almost into madness:

On the Timeline (Premiere Pro 2 / Win XP SP2) is the Project (about 1 h 55 min) perfectly synchronously. If I then, however, in an AVI file export (MainConcept DV Codec 2.4 / PAL / 48 khz stereo) run Picture and Sound in AVI drawn more and more apart (s.Ende 10 minutes!).

The new AVI is just as long as the sound (or the Project on the Timelime), but the picture seems "to be done sooner" (as said in 2 hours 10 minutes) and the rest is up to the Tonende with "Black" characters.

Can it be that the picture (although, of course, to 25 B / sec set), something like an incorrect clock rate applies somewhere - perhaps of the sound card? (The sound card is an onboard card of Analog Devices / SoundMax).

Even de-and reinstall of Premiere and the MainConcept DV codec have not helped.

I'm thankful for every hint.

Best wishes!


Antwort von Matze60:

I can only tell you that the same is with me, be yourself alge: win xp, premiere pro 2.0, MainConcept DV codec. with the normal windows dv codec without problems.

I do not know why ... to tolerate anything once (went once) RMIT meh not the main concept DV codec, but s.keinem codec pack.

I dv with little more work are with HDV, I am interested in the problem ... not next in the few cases I use the DV codec windows.

Unfortunately, I can tell you more nciht. have you ever asked yourself main concept?


Antwort von Matze60:

Thank you for the compassionate response. With this information, I will now just s.MainConcept contact.

Best regards from Berlin!


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