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Frage von DoSe:

We have the following problems:

Materials with a SonyXDCAM (; MPEG HD422) recorded on:

Blue-disc Fujifilm Professional Disc Rewritable

Our client is working with Avid
And now want to copy the huge pile of material on a plate, sift the material to give names to the clips and add comments (, so as with) a MediaLogProgramm. This information will be stored for a movie file, which probably happened by. Xml. Therefore, we have to try on:

Recordable SonyPDW-U1
Software XDCAMTransfer (; Version 2.10.0)
Installed Components:
XCDAM HD and XDCAM EX (; CBR) codecs
XDCAM HD (; VBR) codecs
XDCAM EX (; VBR) codecs
XDCAM HD422 codec
FAM Driver
XDCAM Drive Comaptible UDF Driver
XDCAM Drive Software

To get access to the files on the BlueRay Disc, and then rename according to the clips to add comments.

BUT we have the following problems:

1. Prob: display in XDCAM Transfer
"Error: The clip thumbnail could not be saved to the cache which s.unrecognised format"

2. Although FETCH in "Preferences / Cache / Automatically fetch proxies" is enabled, apparently no automatic. For, after manual fetches a preview of the proxy is possible.

3. Clips on BlueRay disc can not be renamed, as the access only "Read Only" is, although it says that it synonymous with all the latest updates can write directly onto the disc. Accordingly, it is possible synonymous (no log entries, make comments Rate this status).

4. When all the files (; complete contents of the BlueRay) copy on the hard drive had, cih read & write access. And can indeed add comments and rename the clip, but I can not save the whole of it. "File / Save changes" is not active, can not be clicked.

When I made all my entries, I can walk on the Import button and it will give me one. Mov file with xml created.. If I were now in the next Final Cut Pro to work, I had absolutely no problems. However, our client works with Avid. We will cut the material onto a plate and just rename the clips /. Mxf files and give comments, etc. to be stored with the mxf file and then be swallowed synonymous of Avid.
Now the question is, what I do wrong that I can not save. Or swallow Avid, with the XDCAM produced. Xml or / and. Mov, as does Final Cut Pro without any Probs?

Thank you for your support now.


Antwort von DoSe:

Problem itself "solved". As read in some other forums, as well as of Sony Direct and confirming of a support company, has some problems with XDCAM Transfer simply SnowLeopard, therefore it is recommended to upgrade Sonynicht SnowLeopard. Sly cunning. I recommend Sonymal quickly uzudaten their software.

And again, it teaches us to let the fingers of entirely new.


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