Infoseite // Problems in the recognition of video cameras from programs

Frage von pit11:

Hi All,

do not know next, and times need help.


Following problem.

I try to connect my digital Videokamere of GS280 Panasonic s.meinen PC.

No matter whether I try with firewire or USB, I have the following phenomenon.

The installation of the device in XP funktiniert properly. The device is visible in Device Manager, and is properly installed. (Access to SD card goes)

But! Regardless of which program you try to make the recording will get the message!

No Camera s.Ihrem PC connected !?!?!?!?

Strangely, I have the same problem if I want my old analog camera via S-video connector to operate. Also since all Probgramme Report, no capture device available.

The problem occurs since the new installation of my PC.

Now kommts. When I try this with the program of InterVideo WINDVD, dann gehts.

I hope someone gave me a TIP what I can do. (All tricks with patching un Alttest sys files from the SP1 I have already through)

Gruß Peter


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Peter,

My last stand is that the synonymous replay the SP1 drivers will not often help. What remains is the WinXP/SP1 flattening and reinstalling the previous OS.

Who knows more about it?


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