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I would have got a problem. And that is with us in the company next week, a topping, in which synonymous then the last stone to be laid. It would be very nice if you could record this place the last stone with a camera and transmitted simultaneously s.einen Beamer, the next 50 m is below.
My question: What are you able to give a 50 m long connection between DV Camera (Canon XH A1) and Beamer (no particular) build or is there ever a possibility?

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Antwort von carstenkurz:

Usually no problem with 50m 75Ohm BNC Cable (BNC + RCA adapter). Come on it then whether you need something done now or can borrow. 50m RG59 meter costs eg Reichelt almost 18 ¬. These two ordinary metal RCA plugs and a few minutes of soldering.; ARTICLE = 15 230; PROVID = 2402

Also possible is a solution of 2 CAT5 Videobaluns and cheap Ethernet cable. Gibts on ebay for little money.
Cable 10 ¬, baluns part for 4-5 ¬ per pair.

There are at Reichelt synonymous 20m RCA video cable, you can cascade. They are however known to me in the cheap foil-cable version, which I would not guarantee to 50m, even not at all without an amplifier s.dieser Camera.

In theory goes beyond this distance synonymous a cheap radio link, but there are too many uncertainties, I would not at first take into consideration.

Known, the video signal sent schonmal synonymous einerCanonXL-1 in the 100m antenna cable (white, SAT). The quality was just what was so little chance to be compulsory. You may find a television operation in the area who lets such a cable s.Stück synonymous and assembled the best times - ideally you directly RCA Male. You should test everything for safety's sake 1-2 days before time.

The CAT5 solution has advantages because you only have the cheap adapter and can do so from time to time synonymous other things that you need then to only a suitable cable. There are slightly more expensive baluns synonymous with up to 4 inputs / outputs. Additionally, you can send up to 4 composite or 2 S-Video signals, 2 composite video + stereo audio, etc. Can ne company for quite make sense to have something in a drawer.

- Carsten


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