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Frage von Dieter C.:

Hello video community

Published 2 days I'm more or less happy owner of a
Panasonic GS400.

Problems with the camera I have not, BUT with my computer
and with the further processing of the films.

Following procedure:

Film record of the action and reflect on: the quality correctly.

Film of the CAM via USB to the PC using the enclosed transfer
Software Motion DV Studio: Quality is difficult to assess

AVI file from a PC with Windows media player: Play correctly Result quality

Then drag Magix Video de Luxe start 2005/2006 and the AVI file in this software ""
And play: Result .... Quality is mieserabel. Lines formed at all stairways and
it looks as if the whole recording would mieserabel.

Then this whole recording via video de luxe to DVD and burn on a
Plasma play: Result ... you want to throw the television out the window .....

Cam right turn and play video s.den plasma: resultative A1 quality.

Can someone explain to me what I do here??
If the error now appears in the included Panasonic software or how can
Video de Luxe these AVI file not read properly??

The cam is located as for the settings in the "original condition". Except
the recording mode for the sound. I have the set of 12 to 16 bit, since I no traces
need to dub.

For your help I would be grateful because I have much knowledge of computers, however, although in this
Beginners have a bloody industry.

Greeting and thanks


Antwort von universl:

Hello Dieter

Not dub with USB, but with FireWire. Under File menu, there is a capture tool in Magix (btw. write) times the version. Ages ago I once worked with the Magix.

Stairs are for interlaced material (see) in the FAQ.

As far as I know, is on the Magix Ligos encoder here. In earlier versions, the default is false (instead of field-frame coding, etc.).

Magix use as a capture tool and note the export settings for DVD.


Antwort von Dieter C.:

.. So that's Magix Video deLuxe 2005/2006. Which should probably be up to date.
I certainly hope ...* g


Antwort von Dieter C.:


the problem should be settled.
Call to the dealer ... Problem described .... answer is not ....

You need to use firewire ..... because the USB quality approved ... is.

So I will install it in the calculator Firewire and then we will see next ....
Thanks for the help.


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Dieter,

You are not alone with your question. Almost daily I link directly to my "bestseller" FireWire FAQ">camcorder / recorder s.PC connect and capture images.


Antwort von Wolfgang W:

Hi Dieter,

I have exactly the same problem with my Panasonic 250th GV With Motion DV everything is OK, with Magix De Luxe 2005/2006 pros, it does not work. Picture is extremely bad.
Could you fix the problem, and perhaps here describe how. Thanks in advance.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Wolfgang,

You have the same problem as Dieter? Does this mean that you transfer the data from the camcorder or via USB on the calculator? Or do you feel about the preview quality of Magix?

See synonymous:
Difference between PC and TV monitor


Antwort von Dieter C.:

Hello Wolfgang,
sorry I am late to reply but I was on vacation,
And that is a matter of principle "PC-free "!!!!!

I think I have solved my problem. As I said believe ... I hope it stays that way.
Mitlerweile before I go to work as follows to be able to continue with Magix.
We tape of Magix via firewire (no USB read).
Then all we dealt with Magix.
If the matter stands with Magix I export everything to a
DV-AVI file.
Then Magix is out of business.
I take it as NERO and start a new movie.
Here is imported then the DV-AVI file. Then another part of the info with Nero and then create the DVD image with Nero is created and finished the thing.
While this is all a bit double work + data volume, but I would not edit with Nero movie ... Just because I lack the nerve. Magix is easy to process a whole corner better than Nero.

BUT .... To my mind, simply the best Nero created DVD image if the image created with the highest quality .... And that's very important to me. Obviously Nero uses a high quality of the Codex which you obviously can not claim of Magix.

If any question .... ask * g


Antwort von pennor:

Attempt to read but once another program with the film. I have a GS-400 synonymous, and yet always read about FireWire and Ulead VideoStudio. All best quality!



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