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Frage von mameh:

Hello, I have to digitize my VHS video tape is in any
Pinnacle Dazzle TV Mobile Box chewed, since the distributor had been advertised that this can be digitized synonymous.
Unfortunately I think in the Bedienunsanweisung / user manual has no information to suggest.
Is it possible with this hardware analog only watch TV or synonymous Digitizer?
If yes, what cable / adapter plugs are needed?
My VCR has two Scart Ansclüsse: 1 VCR / Decoder (Canal +)
2. TV (Peritel Prize), audio in / out, video in, but no S-Vido jack.
Can someone help me?


Antwort von Markus:

"mameh" wrote: ... a Pinnacle Dazzle TV Mobile Box chewed ...
Funny typo. Depending on whether and how one character in "chewed" added, have different meanings. ;-)

But now to your question: According to website of Pinnacle Dazzle, the Mobile TV via AV inputs in the form of S-video, "normal video" and stereo audio feature. It is based on the figure of the device to detect synonymous. However, one can only in the compression formats MPEG1 and DivX digitizer, which is the re-use some of the images limits.

If your VCR does not SuperVHS device, then it is not synonymous S-video signal. In this case, you need to get the S-video connector s.Dazzle not.

The cable connection from the recorder for the Dazzle could look like this: Scart connector with the label "TV"> Scart-RCA adapter (switchable)> cable with RCA connectors per each 3 Page> Dazzle.

That so many scart-RCA adapter on an S-video connector, does not alter the fact that a VHS recorder no S-video signal. Use synonymous in this case the "normal video" connector (CVBS = composite = = "yellow RCA plug), then the connection should work.


Antwort von mameh:

Hi, Mark, thanks for your article to my question.
I will implement it as you suggested it did.
Many greetings, mameh


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