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Frage von Atarix777:

Dear gods of video editing, I had a little concern to me and my little chunky "Noob-head" is broken ;-)

If my problem is, however, at two interrelated cross-cutting, so I'll start of the start (or try) ^ ^.

1.) So, on my little youtube Page (, I usually talk about my favorite hobby (video games) and the capture material Harddiscrecorder directly with one of my video game consoles.

As far as the works synonymous Wonderful, indeed, I have two consoles (make self-made), the only one RGB output signal, which I can not start (is black and white and it looks almost nothing).

Is there possibly a cheap mixer that has an RGB input (Scart), but to me the signal on RCA (ie, simple red, yellow, white can output) in order to avoid this problem? It is important for this ensteht no latency, so it would pass directly because I do not can play TimeShift ^ ^, it would also synonymous 60hz NTSC signals can therefore process (may be synonymous Analog).

2) I would like in the next few weeks, a small start Livestream program in which I'll live matches between players worldwide, and I run myself, Transfer, chat, etc. (ie more PC kram, with which I thank God a little versed ^ ^ ) and so I thought to myself that I would be here - instead of joining just one very boring webcam - a mixer afraid (Excellent, if it were capable of Question 1 thereto).

In this mixer, I would like it 2-3 just two old camcorder hanging (from two or three different angles) and also feed the signal from the console. And out again I could then select as wärend the live broadcast of the two or camcorder directly to the game itself Beam.

IF it is not exactly very much more expensive, it would be cool if supports the mixer "Picture in Picture" - but not absolutely need (although it would be great though ^ ^).

I thank you (as always already) times for your competent help.


Antwort von robbie:

Edirol V-4 is probably the cheapest, which meets all your requirements except the RGB converter ..

Is there a RGB video signal, or a PC signal?


Antwort von Atarix777:

Hi, I've just looked at the said time and think it's very great - but I think that is probably far more professional, than I would take (with chroma key would have been brilliant and I could save a lot of time).

Since my PC is my s.We lubricated and I need a new (which will cost me at once synonymous 1k) I'm not quite sure whether I just buy the PC or wait and next use my notebook and buy me such a mixer should (because if I had at doing this, I no longer needed a very powerful machine, as planned, because I could do almost everything on the fly and for the rest of my notebook reaches loosely) ...

Difficult, difficult ... Evtl gibts noch slightly smaller than that? Effects, etc. I do not really need, Green Screen and Picture in Picture would probably be the maximum.

RGB - is so this is a true RGB signal that is output on Scart. I can connect the two consoles directly s.TV (only s.AV1, AV2 is RGB, but probably not) do not capture precisely.

Perhaps there simply a purpose so synonymous adapter or something?

PS: Sorry for all the real issues - I've read through many threads to me, but somehow I care as partly a tench on my understanding of the field, because I really do not understand what I'm here so read (probably stayed in the old hang SD) ^ ^


Antwort von Atarix777:

Hello, I am again ... I've just looked at my camcorder (Samstung HMX-100), but indeed there "live" synonymous from an RGB signal, which would probably not be synonymous with flip up the existing inputs ...

So I just thought to myself "what can such a mixer, but my notebook is perhaps synonymous ... Is there not perhaps a cheap software that detects multiple webcam driver? Then I could in fact just my camcorder as a webcam connected via USB, the console via USB (TV Show) and then spend the mixed s.den stream.

Or I imagine that just too easy to do?


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RGB to RCA + mixer for live stream

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