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Frage von t9robsen:


I have a problem with the Raynox fisheye hdr fx180. it does not fit s.meine sony fx1000. many dealers praise this objectively what is the sony hdr fx1 synonymous determined for the sony fx1000. It just does not fit. the lens is off so that the thread of the lens and camera do not fit together because the spacing is too large (the glasses are superimposed before)!
Are there adapters for it or who else can help. It's really annoying!




Antwort von Bernd E.:

No idea how much difference is there as a millimeter, but in principle would have a simple adapter ring rich (new German "spacer"), and having on both sides of the same thread size. If the distance is not too large, then you can take any cheap filter synonymous in a version with front thread and remove the glass.
If you have the converter but just bought, you could just return it, of course, synonymous with the dealer's referring to a wrong product description. Raynox makes even after all clearly point out that this part is intended solely for the FX1.


Antwort von t9robsen:

bernd salute,

Thanks for the quick help. I will need at least 2 spacer. I think this is the only way for me remains. unfortunately I can not find any good websites that offer something - google is not really helpful. you happen to know where a spacer with the same sizes I - in which case get 72mm?

beautiful abig



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