Infoseite // Recording errors in Canon XH A1 (HDV mode)

Frage von Shawana:


I have a big problem with my Canon XH A1.
When recording in HDV (if synonymous with DV-I have not tested allderings) frames are often omitted. During the recording of the tapes, I see partially between a red Picture Studio, which is very annoying, because I can throw away whole recording. This error makes sound synonymous in bemerktbar ...

Do you know that? Why is that?
What can I do?

Thanks for quick answers!

LG Anja


Antwort von jazzy_d:

These are probably droputs (HDV-related concerns that an entire GOP and not just a single frame). Take one can probably not as much, except the recording to a format change nonGOP (DV, AVC-I) or a scene to shoot again. I've actually only s.Anfang or s.Ende a clip (rec-on/rec-off), so perhaps it can help if you s.Anfang and s.Ende a clip takes a little longer.


Antwort von Shawana:

If the hire is synonymous then that we have no right to use HDV tapes?

We always use the Panasonic Professional DVC tapes.

RE: Unfortunately for us this recording totally unpredictable error between the complete Takes ago ... s.Anfang times but synonymous in between: (

Thank you


Antwort von Axel:

Double Post!


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