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HDV Kassetten - XH A1

HDV tapes - XH A1

Frage von Wechiii:
Oktober 2010

Dear Slashcam,

I have now since a few weeks my XH A1 and the following problem: Seller me two HDV tape attached, which I just do not get more (before 20, - shipping to cups) and now I'll have to make a tape change.

Have unfortunately almost no good video distributors in the area and so must you torment me again.

The tapes that I use currently: Panasonic AY-HDVM63MQ

I would like to stay with Panasonic, have as yet had no problems at all with the tape and then I will stick to it.

Are there any successors of these tapes?

Get it now probably as about 10 cassettes.

Thank you all always very grateful for answers

Best wishes,

Antwort von nicecam:

Wechiii Hi, I'm back [only two of us understand ;-)].

No-HDV tapes now - much too expensive and unnecessary. In principle, ranging from the very cheapest.

At Panasonic, you should stay on, that's right. There are plenty of threads on this topic here.

On the following two in the last days I have been involved:

Which tape for XH-A1?
Canon HV30 tapes

Well, the cheapest of all, it perhaps should not be synonymous. But hands off of HDV tapes. You pay up to death here, with frequent shoot.

If you've found a neat quality (indicated, for example because you have a few problems with drop outs) then stay with the variety.

It is not recommended that, to mix (in a store brand) and especially one should not go without even synonymous Not the Manufacturer.

Antwort von Werner Küster:

I use the last 3 1 / 2 years of TDK cassettes DVM60ME. Have no bad experience with dropouts hereby made. Manufacturer of other tapes are synonymous worse cases. Fragile!
But you should after every 10 tape a cleaning tape to run through. Take in DV on the same dimensions as synonymous with HDV in the same bands. Procurement is now a little more difficult for small rate inventory!
Tray switching to other manufacturer "only when there is no other way" to make. Give experience in this field like next.
As the chance to witness XH-A1 users!
Greetings of Werner

Antwort von nicecam:

Huihe, after every 10th tape already cleaning tape? But of course, only to run through minimally short!?

Well, how many tapes I have for now been recorded? Would have separated sometimes nice to include HV20 and XH-A1.

But I have not cleaned (have to).

Is synonymous but probably as a matter of faith. Has been discussed here certainly synonymous ever quite often.

Cleanse you wet or dry? As was the case of wet cleaning here I think mentioned this before, then that only really the dirt they spread, which would be completely counterproductive.

Antwort von gast3:

here you get your cartridges as required and not expensive ....


is synonymous my source, Attention holiday to 8.10.!

Do not let me persuade "super cheap"!

And clean only occur if real problems if you use always the same tape, you will not get any trouble.
Clean the head too often schleifft to death if need be for me, only for 10 seconds to run! Maybe one or two reps!

Antwort von Werner Küster:

Clean only with dry cleaning tape is synonymous only a precautionary measure after 10 bands. Moreover, it is so synonymous only 10-15 seconds of time necessary for this. John is right: do not clean wet. "Then it is even more blurred."

Antwort von Wechiii:

"Gast3" wrote:


Thank you dear - Gast3 - for this link. I Hr. Gabriel once wrote an e-mail if I can buy 5 pieces synonymous with Him. We see next. :)

Best wishes,

PS: Was just about to buy here: DV = -Videokassette-60min/dp/B000A41H62/ref sr_1_1? http://www.amazon.de/Panasonic-AY-DVM-mini- ie = UTF8 & s = ce-de & qid = 1286115835 & sr = 8-1 ;-)

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

I film often with the panasonic tapes, which you have linked. Have there been often synonymous HDV recorded on it. Thats has so far no problems. I take a tape but synonymous than once about something and play it right after turning on the PC.


Antwort von nicecam:

Yes BUT, Wechiii, do not rush.

Have the time of gast3 by expected short for you.

If you are still on top of the list, so HDV tapes cassette want to take the (much more expensive compared to normal does not seem to be yes) - no cloven hoof it at all?

3.80 euros per unit plus VAT (then already more expensive than mine), plus ¬ 12.50 fair in Austria - you're at ¬ 57.72 for 10 cartridges.

Well, that seems the successors of the tapes to be used ruessel. When Gabriel Gibts synonymous tapes for 8.00 ¬. Hmhmm ...

I think as much faith synonymous fuss is. ;-)

But okay, you should already have a good feeling during use, the cheapest I take so not synonymous. But if I'm serving so well, I still do not know.

Antwort von Wechiii:

I think I'm doing now as follows:

I try to check the AY-DVM60 (10) and then still have the opportunity again to reorder MQ, do not you think?

Best wishes,

/ / Edit: Have done this now! :)

Antwort von nicecam:

I guess that's a good start. I take the so far exclusively synonymous.

Must again point out, however (in the links I gave is that already), I believe that these tapes easily - but really synonymous only slightly - better with my HV-20 tolerated.

But I will always use both cameras for the same band type. Should I come to the conclusion to move again, I'd have to either opt for cheaper (possibly with more success) or even for more expensive.

So wechiii, take the first times of the just mentioned to you.

Antwort von Wechiii:

Panasonic Since I'm going to knock at Gabriel's and again with that film, right? Speak the MQ?

Best wishes,

PS: If I see anything, well then I will probably wait for the DVM60. 'm Now 24 ¬ paid for 10pcs. I think that's fine!

Antwort von tommyb:

If things are not the same as the Qualitäsmerkmale grottig SONY DV Premium (orange) then you can certainly keep them ...

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