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Frage von apfelkoenig:

Hi folks,

because I need your help once: I would like with the "Ulead DVD MovieFactory 4.0 Deluxe" a VHS video capture via MPEG to DVD. But with the caching I'm with my Latin s.end. If I tell the prog that I wanted to create a DVD and then start to go, and after recording my VHS recorder start, then I have), ringing sound (like an echo. Very unpleasant! Synonymous, and if I made the recording time and leave "only playing", then I have this problem. My Resolutionist 352 * 288 pixels. With VirtualVCR, NeroRecode2 and NeroVisionExpress3 everything went great. But I wanted to try something new. Had I perhaps do not have? Well, no preference. How do I get this "echo off"? Your Calculator: Pentium 4 2.6 Ghz with Windows XP Home SP2 and NTFS file system.

Thank you for your helpful answers hopefully!


Antwort von Peter S.:

Do you have the echo on the recorded movie synonymous, or only in the preview? Otherwise I would be before the recording to the Windows volume control to start playback from the register and take out the checkmark next to the appropriate source.
MFG Peter


Antwort von apfelkoenig:


If I play the same video with another program, then I have absolutely no problems. So s.der DVD itself, it is definitely not. And your tip with the Windows volume control has not helped, unfortunately, synonymous. But thanks anyway!


Antwort von Nightfly!:

You have not accidentally turned on a micro or a headset, so that such a "echo" comes?



Antwort von apfelkoenig:

No, I do not have a micro or a headset connected s.meinen Calculator today. Since I might have guessed himself synonymous. ;)

Help, I'm really s.Verzweifeln! And why "only" precisely for this prog? As I said, the cartridge is 100% right!


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