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Edirol R-1 Video Field provides recorder in front of thomas - 16 Apr 2008 22:48:00
A complement to the so far only audio Fielrecorder comprehensive series of Edirol is the first video field recorder dar. The Edirol R-1 DV and HDV via FireWire to features and has two balanced audio inputs with the help can accommodate a total of 4 audio channels, a 120GB removable hard drive, a headphone output, files of any size, and an integrated RGB output for connecting a VGA monitor, for example, to view thumbnail previews of files of the captured clips. The two audio channels are synchronously to the video and will be the digital stream as linear and uncompressed WAV files added. The USB port can be both a mouse or a touch screen with a corresponding external monitor connected s.den F-1st Using the free downloadable utility software for Windows XP / Vista will be expanded to preview and file management capabilities of the F-1, as soon as he s.einen computer is connected. About the built-in Ethernet network connection is possible, one or more F-1 with a simple Ethernet switch, and remotely control a computer. Presumably s.June 2008, the F1 will be available - the price is not yet known.

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Edirol F1 is already there, but as always Prices are of the Himel. For HDD and not kompliezierte Electronics 2400 EURO is much, much too much.


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