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Frage von Will:

Hi leute,

I'm new to the area and wanted to know if you can help me here.
I have my Edirol LVS-400 bought for my live events with multiple cameras to be cut. But now I need an analog card to cut it on the Pc incorporated. Have a few NLE editing cards found but most are rather DV NLE editing cards. What is the best analog card out there or has been made. It should be a very good quality. Or recommend it to a zb AV / DV Converter of Canopus and to bring about a stink ordinary firewire card list?

I'm open to other suggestions. The price is secondary. Quality comes first!

Thanks already in advance



Antwort von Eggerd:

We make it with the ADVC-50 of Canopus on FireWire.
I know not with what OS your working for the old analog cards you will not find drivers for XP. I do not know if the times someone has measured quality differences. Visually I have with ADVC-50 and the old AV Master tested and have seen no difference. The solution with the Canopus is better, because the newer Umrechnungsalgorytmen are. But this is an assessment from the belly out, measured, I can not.
As the old analog cards can I use the AV Master and recommend the DC 30. There is a lot at Ebay. But the technology is> 10 years old
We work with a mixed-WJ AVE55 with 4 Eingägen of Panasonic because we have a full digital line can not afford and the quality is very good.
mfG Eggerder


Antwort von Eva Maier:

After the (old) Miro DC30 card ect. program are usually tied, I would synonymous for a Canopus ADVC vote.

/ E


Antwort von thos-berlin:

I would once synonymous to an external Canupus converter (analog to firewire) continued, if not on a PCI card or USB card. I know, however, your workflow is not planned.

1) If your image during the live event to be recorded directly into the PC is playing, or with an analog (!) Mitschneidet recorder and later s.Schnittplatz want to restore, this is the right choice.

2) If your on-site only once on a digital (!) Aufnehmt tape, then every (semi-) professional recorder is one analog input and later s.Schnittplatz the tapes via firewire "rechnertauglich" can spend ....

But I think it says option 1).

How important is because the recorded recording? If very important, then you should (if possible) in parallel with the cameras or tapes to run a second recorder for Endbild (perhaps even doing a simple DVD recorder that can be worse while / only after extensive editing, but it is better to than in the average case no recording to have ...). There are already more PCs have crashed, as recorder ;-)


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Which analog interface card for video mixer Edirol LVS-400

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