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Frage von m.a-berlin:

I've long after my problem gegoogelt and synonymous here in the forum, I have been searching but am never on my problem.
So I want my laptop via S-video output to connect s.mein plasma everyday work easier to do. I have a cable of ebay appointed, the end has s.einem a normal S-video connection and a 3.5 mm jack for the sound and s.anderen end is a normal scart connection. I searched for a long time to try something on my plasma, but get very unclear and discolored, you hardly recognize what. I fear that there is s.Kabel but I'm not sure. Could you please give tips and help?

Thank you


Antwort von MHK:

Without more information about the laptop to know is very difficult.
But generally you can for the output through SVideo determine * how * the picture is transmitted. I am not an expert jatzt is what television signals are concerned, but you can usually play around in the graphics driver and the settings for the TV output to adapt .. So what color etc is concerned. Some notebooks can be synonymous in this BIOS. My HTPC has eg only in a particular setting is a useful Picture s.den on TV.

As you probably now have to look yourself if you are still interested in something, otherwise you can really only the cable with another cable or another notebook exclusive.



Antwort von jazzy_d:

Better perhaps to connect with VGA or DVI-> HDMI or increasingly synonymous HDMI -> HDMI instead of with "Video." What did the notebook for which inputs and outputs, the TV?


Antwort von m.a-berlin:

danke erstmal because of the quick response. My laptop has a VGA output and an S-Video output. My plasma has 3 scart inputs.


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