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Frage von Raggi:

I'm looking for a digital compact camcorder under 1000 EUR for live streaming video on sites like Ustream live stream or (noWebcam). To keep the sound synchronously, Cam would have to have audio-in jack. As far as I know, video portals can work only cameras that send signals via DV / Firewire.
I had the SonyHDR-HC9 the test, but the micro-input was not favorable to the sound from the mixer (heavy distortion).

Slashcam have the database searched high and down, but noCamera found, the audio input provides that stands up from the sound mixer.

If this approach does not work, I'd have to buy a camera that broadcasts do not have DV / Firewire, and HDMI but I would want to capture a box between Cam and PC

Thank you!


Antwort von thos-berlin:

The tested camera would be gone if you had a voltage divider placed in front of the microphone input, or a direct box with-20db attenuation looped.

You can take any camera synonymous with analog output, if you are an A / D converter as the ADVC 55 begins to convert to Firewire.


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