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Suche ext. Mikrofon für Interviews für Panasonic NV-GS180 Kamera

Search ext. Microphone for interviews for Panasonic NV-GS180 Camera

Frage von alternative4:
März 2007


I film with my Panasonic NV-GS180 Camera longer people in an enclosed space directly in front of the camera talking. That works on the built-in Microphone auc extent quite well.

Now I have the new situation that I often need to film interviews. These interviews usually take place outdoors and / or in noisy environments instead. So I film the interviewer and the interlocutors. For these purposes, extends the built-in Microphone, unfortunately no more. The interviews are too quiet and the Umgebunngsgeräusche much too loud.
That's why I look for a Microphone which s.die Panasonic NV-GS180 Camera and fits well with what you sounding record interviews (synonymous outside). The interviewer should then the micro in the hand and ensure that both the place to talk. It can be quiet so you can see.

Does anyone here have a hint for me?

Antwort von tv-man_sh:

You looking for a mic. What reasonably-O-Sound compatible and largely insensitive to ambient noise is? Where feasible, but I suspect you will with the sound of your cam does not disqualify them? That reminds me of just spontaneously Allrounders Sennheiser MD-421 A. Good Nahbesprechungscharakteristik, insensitive to noisy surroundings and Probs. with non-existing audio control so you will probably not get synonymous. There is, however, a Nahbesprechungsmik., Ie, you'll be out of the picture can not hold out, because if the sound is reasonably sit. But then directed synonymous in addition to the O-Sound-standing partner compressor (should happen sometimes * g *) can not be harmed. You will be only of a purely 3pin adapter. XLR to 3.5 mm jack required.
What is not now spontaneously say, is whether this is synonymous with your cam to work. When it comes to time tonight, then I test it here with me again. Must be just me first as an adapter to solder together and then we know works obs. Incidentally, the Sennheiser MD-421 (available at Ebay gebr. Mostly s.150 EUR) is simply a classic and a mic for life:)
From directional microphones Sennehiser aka ME / MKH series, I would advise you, because without security levels with go wrong and these microphones is their pattern of her (in a noisy environment and no sound-control-and-level opportunities available) in your case is not are entirely unproblematic.

Antwort von alternative4:

Hello man_sh tv,

First many thanks for your detailed reply.
It is true that I am with the sound of the camera can not disqualify. With the internal micro synonymous but I had never been the need to do so. If an external Micro with the same, it's enough for me already. The sound I make s.PC later anyway still louder.

Now I have another question to which of you recommended Micro:
Does such a micro camera on a separate power supply, ie battery? Mir said that it is a seller at Saturn.

Can I use such a Adaptervon XLR to mini-jack just buy, or do I have to myself because what solder?

So if you have the same camera and the time tests could .. that would of course be absolutely super nice.

Antwort von tv-man_sh:

Have it all here with me s.einer Panasonic NV-GS75 tested. The NV-GS75 should be identical with respect to its NV-GS180 (asymmetric-IN, 3.5 mm jack). The external sound with the Sennheiser MD-421 U has worked well. To create a phantom because you need not worry. Only one connector adapter of .- 3pin XLR coupling to 3.5 mm jack is required. Such Adpaterkabel online are cheap to get. I personally put in XLR connectors always insist that it NEUTRIK Male / or couplings.
As for the actual levels, the more likely it was not in the direction of "too low" (ie too quiet), but rather more in the other direction, the threat of piloting exists. The MD-421 U, however, is very, very patient and has home of good damping properties.
So with the GS-75 hats here everything went well and I think that the GS-180 with regard to the external audio-in is identical. If you order a used MD-421 would like to try, then make sure that this is not the "old" version with the N-times is. That would Adaptermässig something different. Here is an auction for an MD-421 U with XLR connector: Ebay Auction Item No.: 180094276950
In Diserens auction is synonymous Sennheiser a link to where you look at the technical data of the microphone as a pdf-file in more detail can.
If you are interested then s.einem cable, you can, I'm going to make a favorable synonymous. Write to me then just s.tv_man_sh @ yahoo.de (which underscores between "tv" and "man" and "sh" Eight)

Antwort von alternative4:

Thank you for your test, which really helps me a lot next. Because now I know what I look for microfinance needs.

I will be times where I see this microcode can be relatively inexpensive & financial. If I need an adapter cable and none of this can get, then I would write you an email.

Again many thanks!

Antwort von tv-man_sh:

naja Neupreis for MD-421U is expected to be around 400 EUR to everything below it is cheap;).
For XLR adapter cable to make sure that the XLR housing (in the picture with pin 4 resp.) With Pin 1 is bridged. If this is not the case, not just small cable bridge between Pin 1 + housing basket. When finished, the XLR adapters housing are often unable to connect to Ground!
An alternative would be the Sennheiser MKH-300, which is not, however, comes from the Profiberreich and rather than "Aufsteckmikrofon" to capture a better Atmo appropriate.

Antwort von Markus:

MD421 true when the ratio of the camcorder Microphone not entirely successful. Times, therefore I will deliver a completely different basis for negotiation and some more info:


Antwort von tv-man_sh:

"Mark" wrote:
MD421 true when the ratio of the camcorder Microphone not entirely successful.

Of course, the relationships are not quite so, but how does it so beautifully: "Start with a good piece s.and replace and then after the rest";).
The low-cost solutions ala Conrad, Media Markt and Co. I think that adventurous, especially when it comes to sound in a reliable alternative4 of the reported circumstances. And because I like me honestly not imagine how it sounds when Camera limiter and peak level of a 19.95-EUR-media market Miks meet;).

Antwort von Jan:

I wonder just the MD 421 as bread sold at auction at Ebay - because all are so happy with it? Warens grade 4 in one hour. Other known microphones gibts grad times 4-6x at Ebay. Grade synonymous a priest .....

I think not so much mixing of microphones, a true directivity pattern is in accordance with the outer appearance is not. Yes, I've read it was once quite popular, and was pretty much anywhere.

Yes pretty much all the microphones at 80 ¬, at least for a little more demanding filmmaker unusable.

Irgendwie gehts where Videomic Rode or Sennheiser MKE 300 with usable los Semi quality. Beyer Dynamic MCE 86 S II Cam would be the next stage with 3.5 mm jack.

The risk is the 3.5 mm jack such as the Micro MKE 300 already there, you hold this in your hand wants. Actually, there are Aufsteckmikrofone or usable on a small tripod attached.

I had several cable breaks with the MKE 300 in manual mode, the sound quality is 100 ¬ (new) is hard to beat, my camera was the 500th GS The MKE 300 which only starts at 150 Hz, would be better resolved, Rodes counterpart begins at 40 Hz (low tones - bass).

Sennheiser intentionally but could the area around 50 Hz is not recorded, since the wind noise, the well-known filmmakers strong nerves, built low-cut filter (GS 180 Windcut) limit in the frequency response function in the "lower" regions.

I must, therefore, TV One Sh legally enter a Micro XLR would be clearly useful for the type of recording. Once the sound of several people should be, is a small Micro Tripod posed quite useless, but the directivity entgegenzeigt has a good sound image that is synonymous with the top equipment, such as the Sennheiser MKH 416 so.

GS 500 and HDC SD 1 have phantom power, I guess now synonymous to the GS 180 a battery-free Microphone can supply, which should be but rather tested for GS 500, I had several batteryless Mikros tested - it works. But this rather cheap microphones that do not need big power, you should test it is so unusual a 400 ¬ Camera with a 400 ¬ Microphone mating .....

With XLR and request money using little desire, you should in any case the Thomann T-Bone EM 9900 chart, rarely gabs for 90 ¬ more ...


Antwort von tv-man_sh:

"Jan" wrote:
I wonder just the MD 421 as bread sold at auction at Ebay - because all are so happy with it? Warens grade 4 in one hour.

Not really, if I have correctly followed. What mostly offered at Ebay is the MD-421 N but not the MD-421 U, in this case is.
Finally, it is here in our case is not synonymous to the XLR connector (ie symmetric transmission), because the adapter jack on wirds eh asymmetric bridged Pin 1,2,4).
What got me, however, was the certainty that the sound hardly in danger of getting into the peak and ambient noise to be somewhat negligible. A big advantage, I think if we as a "complete entertainer" is on and the sound can not auspegeln. In addition, the NV-GS180 synonymous garnicht until the embarrassment come to use the limiter, if they did. Because the sound could be with safety in the ton press.
On the subject of power supply:
The MD-421 is a dynamic microphone, not a condenser Microphone!
Dynamic Miks need no phantom or battery power. The phantom power is used in conjunction with condenser microphones is required to the Microphone impedance converter is to operate. So can the MD-421 s.der NV-GS180, without regard to a need to respect and power supply. Condenser microphones such as the MKH416 however, require a power supply (phantom or battery power), but because of their markedly different characteristics, and damping properties is always a high risk if nobody is there, the signal levels can be. Applies synonymous for ME-series;)

Antwort von Jan:

Yes, I had already read with Dynamic and Condenser Microphone, now probably "untergewühlt & upset." Yes, I think I had only dynamic microphones used.

So should NTG 2, and the T-Bones do not go.

But at least in the Instructions of the new HDC SD 1 is - with phantom power, the times I would be so much interested in whether what is there ....

Yes, I've always directional microphones with manual tone used without the will of be like you described.


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