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Frage von evision:


AE CS4 have a composition and want to scale in length since I got only later the audio track of the animation. (; 30secs and is longer than the animation)
Now I've tried it first with "time distortion" but is the result: Beschläunigungen and lengths s.ungewünschten bodies.

Now I wanted to ask whether and how it is possible in the composition of all layers (; with in and outpoint) Velvet whose keyframes on the new track to draw in order to provide then with s.den important to make corrections to the keyframes.

Schonmal I thank you in advance and ask for an explanation newbie.

E greetings


Antwort von deformatik:

Hello evision

So while everything is ..... I think not. What you can do is the following.

1. Change the composition to the desired length of time.
2. Highlight all the layers and pull them with (the mouse to the end of the comp or use the shortcuts)
3. Now you can with the key underground all layers expand, which are equipped with keyframes. Mark all keyframes hold down the Alt button and drag with your mouse to where you want them to be. By pressing the Alt button, all Keyframes mitskaliert.

If you do that, it can happen keyframes between frames come to lie. That should not be a problem, perhaps, but good to know.

Another option is to use a script. If you are you on


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Select keyframes and layers of velvet on composition length scale

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