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Frage von mtsluft:


I'm in the moment s.erstellen a unit for the school ....
as an introduction we would like 2 short film sequences show to an assembly of cut should be ...
The whole "video" then s.ende synonymous only about 20 seconds long.
Our source material is found on 2 commercial film dvs .. in the chapter are so divided, and also in the normal MPEG-2 format.

My question: with what program do I s.besten the start?
Perhaps there is something, which I myself somewhere as a test version can be downloaded?

Thank you for responding!


Antwort von ar8001:

Movie Maker?


Antwort von mtsluft:

oje ^ ^ sry, I think of is that not a hammer!


Antwort von ar8001:

"mtsluft" wrote: Our source material is found on 2 commercial film dvs .. !

They are usually copy-protected, so that the commercial programs or can not copy.
A legal copy of it only through an analog signal. Play the DVD on a normal external DVD player s.and take the signal through the AV or SVHS input on s.PC. To do this you need a PC with an appropriate graphics card (yellow RCA jack or SVHS and audio input jack) and a program that the analog signal into data can implement. Eg Power Director.
You can indeed times with the trial of Ulead DVD PowerTools try, maybe your DVDs are not copy protected.


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