Infoseite // What software can generate VRO files to DVD-RAM?

Frage von sccharly:

Hi, I have now, after half an hour googling and an almost equally long search in the forum here is still not found an answer. I am looking for a software program that off. Ts or. Mpg files (recorded by TV s.PC) VRO files created, which I can then burn to DVD-RAM.

I've always used VOB files and burn them to DVD-RW. But some RW discs are now no longer usable after dutzendfachem examples or refer to errors. And according to Wikipedia is indeed the "DVD-RAM with its approximately 100,000-mer changeability nearly as often as rewritable."

I've found so far a lot of info, what software can convert VRO to VOB or MPG, but I need a tool for precisely the opposite direction. 'm Thankful for every tip!



Antwort von videofreund23:

nero anything can


Antwort von sccharly:

Thanks for the tip!
've Just tried with Nero Vision v4.
It works - are synonymous when Nero has taken a lot of time, but we already know.


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