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Frage von Gerten:


I use the movie editing program video deluxe 16 plus of Magix
with my old analog camcorder, everything went fine. Now I got a SonyDCR-TRV 145 E, used very rarely if I would now like to record a movie While I have a picture but no sound. Hat maybe can someone tell me the same combination and how do I get the sound or if it's ever s.der Camera. For a solution, I would be grateful.

Greetings Whips


Antwort von Räuber:

Moin, like, so with wiring harness to play, you movies?


Antwort von Wolle2002:

The Cam does have a Firewire connection? Everything you need then not really. In Calculator, of course, the Firewire card.


Antwort von Gerten:

First of thanks for your quick responses

to predators: the moment I have only one S-video cable and got the synonymous S-video cable and A / V cable 2 times red and Weis used for audio
the program shows a bar completely to the stop volume
the other is zero. Score growl and scratch noises but no useful sound
to Wolle2002: The camcorder has a DV output is Out s.das you take mine.


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