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Sony LocationFree Porter RVT-SD100: Video transmission via 3G of Thomas - 7 Feb 2009 16:33:00
For video of the reporters everywhere want to live fast, the Sony LocationFree Porter RVT-SD100 thought via 3G (or LAN) that transmits 1.5 kg heavy box the Picture of a connected to a second device as H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profiles compressed video in the maximum Resolutionvon 352x240 pixels. Depending on the speed and quality of the connection scales the image refresh rate and quality video - it can be synonymous, a second 3G connection to be used to increase the data rate and so the video quality to improve the audio and may, alternatively, the connection will be stable. With a 3G connection (FOMA in Japan geannt - see picture) is the frame rate from 5 to 15fps (at 64-160kbps data rate in the 2x3G mode up to 230 kbps amounts) and 5 to 30 fps (192-1024kbps) in LAN mode. The small size and video quality may be synonymous in Purchase is probably used to in the first live images possible, if no truck on the ground, and the professional use synonymous explains the high price: the unit is in March in Japan on the market and converted it cost 14,000 euros. More info at SonyJapan.

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Could not something synonymous with a notebook, Wandlerbox and 3G modem imitating a lot cheaper?


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Sony LocationFree Porter RVT-SD100: Video transmission via 3G

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