Infoseite // Sony Vegas Pro 10a - Preview quality is always reset

Frage von Knorpelkeule:


I currently have the problem that when I render quality preview window always on Preview (; half) will reset the play.
If the video is not running, the quality is the way I want them to be. (; As bsp;. Preview (full) or good (; car).

7-9 with the predecessors I was not the problem.
How can I restore this somehow?

I thought that it is because Vegas thinks that my hardware would not be enough and I patronized.
I have a i7 Quad and 12 GB of RAM, enough computing power should be available. (, 16 render threads enabled)
I would be synonymous if no preference is to play a bit jerky when the main thing a sharp picture.


Antwort von Marco:

Right-click on the preview: "Size and quality for optimal viewing Customize" Disable.



Antwort von Knorpelkeule:

Thank you! Works!

Strange that one does not find that in the video properties of the project.


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