Infoseite // Sony Vegas Pro 9.0b - No audio track when TOD files PLEASE HELP!

Frage von franticfreak:

Hello dear community:)

Hope you can help me to found erkentlichen not take me from my Sony Vegas TOD files no longer 100% in ig.
The audio track always goes only up to half of the hanging videos, and then it is dumb and the video. I do not know really why.

Win7 use, and so far everything worked wonderfully.

Any idea?


Antwort von Marco:

You use the latest version 9.0c Build 896?

Did you have the TOD before importing mpg files renamed to *.?

Can any one of these TOD files made available for download?


Are these shots of the nu-metal particle tape?

Title read again - saw that you still use the b version. Mach erstmal the s.besten update to the current program version 9.0c. Just install this one again on 9.0b.


Antwort von franticfreak:


Have version Version 9.0c Build 895 on it now, same problem. For disposal, I can not put the files, unfortunately, since they each have 4 GB in size.
And than 800 mb (which is how one sees s.end yes, of her tone is full)

I had not renamed it.
I'm surprised it's just only because it is only with these files just like that. Other TOD files of the same go cam.

This is In Flames;)


Name: MOV003.TOD
Folder: E: \ bootlegs \ HD bootlegs \ Antinea \ 2009-11-22 - In Flames - Lille
Type: MPEG-2 Transport Stream
Size: 3.59 GB (3,675,555,840 bytes)
Created: Saturday, 28 November 2009, 11:49:34
Modified: Sunday, 22 November 2009, 21:37:34
Access: Saturday, 28 November 2009, 11:49:34
Attributes: archive

Video: 00:18:24,000, 25.000 fps interlaced with, 1920x1080x12, MPEG-2
Audio: 00:18:24,000, 48.000 Hz, Stereo, MPEG Layer 2

ACID information
ACID chunk: no
Stretch chunk: no
Stretch list: no
Stretch Info2: no
Beat markers: no
Recognized beats: no

Additional metadata
Regions / markers: no
Command markers: no

Media Manager
Media Day: No

Name: compoundplug.dll
Compoundplug folder: C: \ Program Files \ Sony \ Vegas Pro 9.0 \ Plug-Ins FileIO \
Format: MPEG-2 Transport Stream
Version: Version 1.0 (Build 226) 64-bit
Company: Sony Creative Software Inc.

Eigentschaft of the video


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Sony Vegas Pro 9.0b - No audio track when TOD files PLEASE HELP!

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