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Frage von dodoglitzer:

Hello dear forum members,

can someone help me? I ordered my SonyHDR-TG7 (; because it is so nice and small - will probably s.Montag supplied). Now I have (but a few videos on Youtube, the camera has been rotated with this view), jerk somehow quite beautiful. I currently have a Mini DV camcorder (; SonyHC39) jerky because it is not so!

Now for my questions! If the camcorder ok for families and children's videos? When the now really jerky so strong that even annoying already! Is it because he has only an electronic image stabilization? But I think that the Canon HF11 of my brother synonymous jerky (and I can not compare now, because unfortunately, since he lives in Freiburg.

As it is well, if you film in the house? As it is not so much light, is probably the most noisy all? Think, for example, as synonymous s.Videos Christmas s.Tannenbaum!

Do you think I would rather have a Canon HF? If so, what is that? HF10 can I get for under 600, - Euro or pay the higher price for the HF11, which it indeed is, for example when for under 700, -. Or the HF200?

Thank you for your opinions. Perhaps even a bit about the Sony synonymous reports?

Many loving thanks s.alle!


Antwort von ruessel:

I film with just the TG7. It is clear that Sonyhier has more value given to design electrical and intrinsic values. Although he has a new Exmor CMOS LowLight but is very scary, and in line with what small image sensors with much Gainverstärkung been able to make the picture becomes very blurred when it is dark and muddy. By day, the camera brings synonymous (rather an average picture, HD resolution) and, where a direct Comparison with as not quite match the Canon Group. Therefore it is very practical and stylish small .... and jerky in the Picture is not more than other AVCHD cameras.

For general photography without additional light, passing away not s.der SonyXR5x0, perhaps soon, the synonymous SonyCX devices ....


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