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Frage von Sputnik41182:

Have now the problem which I to 6 transcodiert out my DVD, because an error appeared constantly (my part). Now suddenly I do not know why Encore will remain in the Sound s.einer certain body hang. Runs quite normal and at once komt only I hang I hang I hang over the entire film. Picture normally runs next.

Hab in Premiere geguckt everything runs as normal. Premiere saved under another name, Encore and removed the file inside the new set, new editing window is created, but the problem is still there. I did not want the premiere to make new file. Weis someone what's wrong it?

Danke Gruß Stefan


Antwort von Jörg:

Do you have mp3 files in the audio track? If so, change it into wav.


Antwort von Sputnik41182:

hm ne that is all O-Sound from video footage


Antwort von Sputnik41182:

Did the problem solved!

Belongings from the premiere of Project 2 done only once imagery once only audio. This I then both involved in Encore. Editing window is created, one audio track is deleted, even video track is deleted, remaining on top of each other pushed. Done

The other problem is the Encore abschmiert constantly, but it is now not here

Gruß Stefan


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