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Frage von aight8:

Shoulder the expensive cameras that have the TV producers even more Audi channels, but often only as two XLR inputs. Then how come the spark gaps to the 3 and? Respectively. there is nevertheless such a boom here. Who fishes, regulates the sound and sends it s.die cam or how do you imagine?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The boom operator (funny word) could only be synonymous with the TC are connected in / out ... Thus, for example, then the camera would stop Start the recording of the sound unit - is synonymous then the TC (time code) syncron present in both files / images (Picture / Sound)

Furthermore s.einem can control the sound field recorder cleaner than s.der Cam.
For atmosphere sound could then further be connected to micro, or even synonymous 2 comes naturally to it.

Some cams may think I even aufzeichen.also 4 channels 2 through the built-Cam Micro and 2 via XLR.

I think but that the Deti or some other EB cameramen to tell you more. Since they more practical experience with EB have less than mine ;-)

B. DeKid


Antwort von aight8:

Ah deti works at the EB field as a cameraman? Cool.

I wonder just how the Zummenspiel of Video and Sound hinbekommt when you have multiple audio sources. Especially if the spread will be so for the 3 Ansteckmikros and then the boom. In my previous knowledge, one needs now a receiver for each transmitter. Power Böxchen 3 receiver with an XLR connector into any recorder. Respectively. I do not at all as if the sound is schlussentlich yet fed into the action. Not just the three receivers and the Böxchen Field Recorder clever "with" manivriert and dan at the same time raises the Angel.


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