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Frage von McConnor:


I am despair. I just cut our wedding video with Studio 11.1 The super has been synonymous works. Today I wanted to after a break of approximately three weeks to cut - Weihnachsgeschenk. Passing work but is now impossible because the studio in the editing mode, all videos without sound and too fast when I play on the "Play" button (about twice as fast as normal). A soundtrack will be displayed but not printed. What I do synonymous (eg DVD-simulation mode, Preview einz video in media browser, or playing in the timeline cut videos. Always the same problem. In my despair I look at the demo of Magix Video Deluxe 2007/2008 installed: no self Sound but at least the videos are normally fast. Games I DV files as video-on-Lan client or media player is ok because what may lie in Argencard. I've already completely Studio (incl. Reg-entries) is deleted and Helps re-installed ... nothing.

Hopefully, next you know ...

Greets, McConnor


Antwort von McConnor:


that there are no answers, there seems to suggest that there is no easy solution. I've completely reinstalled Windows and now am back. Studio delivers too little control with regard to the installed sound hardware and software is concerned. Probably he has some wrong device selected as the default ... but it says what it does not ...




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