Infoseite // sound problems with "Magics Video Deluxe 2006"

Frage von Duswid:

already during the import of computer hardware with the recording function of Magics Video
I had problems. Here, car audio and video separately is,
taken as 2 files.
Then I clicked away in the "Program Settings" separation.
Nevertheless, still single audio and video recorded.
By "spending" because you can probably run all together,
But what has not worked synonymous.
I would like to make only a complete. Avi and edit as I get a finished with Magic. Avi (video incl sound) gecaptuerd?
Captured with another program, I finally complete
. avi generated. When playing in Media Player, everything is ok, that is, sound with video!
Now, if I'm running the Magic Avi in video, I have no sound again??
Yesterday I tried my tutorial on "cut" view (under "Tasks")
And while no sound was synonymous (a few days ago I had the
Tutorial "Getting Started" still sound).
Did I accidentally because what changed, and how can I get sound again
at Magic Video?
Main question is: How do I capture and edit a video with Deluxe
KOMPETTES inc video sound?
Although (semi) professional video and sound extra prefer;


Antwort von Markus:


I work with Premiere, together with a Matrox video card and running as well: Picture (AVI) and sound (WAV same name) are stored separately. At first I thought it used to, but now I've learned to appreciate the benefits.

You had described at the outset that you have clicked away in the "Program Settings" separation. Has the video editing working properly before, that you were recording (AVI / WAV) in Magix treated as a coherent scenes with Picture and Sound?

At the premiere of how it works: I Import an AVI file, the same WAV file as a component of the AVI file with the same import. In the project window as synonymous in the timeline, the soundtrack is an integral part of the video track and will be presented together with the Picture. That there are two separate files, I do not notice during editing.

Well, maybe someone else logs on, who is also working with Magix.


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