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TRAXDATA und WESTERN DIGITAL Multimediaplayer (Steuergeräte) getestet

TRAXDATA and WESTERN DIGITAL multimedia player (; testing ECUs)

Frage von roloslash:
Juni 2009

Had the opportunity to TRAXDATA PLAYER USB and to test the WD WESTERN DIGITAL TV.
Both devices are multimedia controllers, USB s.The you connect to hard disks or USB sticks. Both advertise with comprehensive video formats, while
- The Traxdata eg NOT read AVCHD files and the Sound of A.264 from SVCDs created MPEG "files are not going
- The WD TV plays both AVCHD H.264 as synonymous created from MPEG2 SVCD, but can NOT recognize DVD menu and title of images.

The played video picture quality for both is about equal on average, with the AVCHD looks better on the WD TV via HDMI.
The photos are about as good as s.TV been read from the card reader.
One must take into account that both cost less than 100, - Euro, but it is certainly ok.

I s.beide each connected my LaCie Little Disk, and USB flash drives with short films and photos.

The main difference in the display:
- The TRAXDATA shows all folders similar to Windows Explorer (; the folders are not synonymous Audio / Vido files), no filter option, but you can find your way around quickly.
- WD TV shows only the folders in which files it can read. He had (several options available for filtering, one wonders at times that are missing some folders, I found personally) a little confusing. Otherwise, well-made layout.

1.) Traxdata USB Player (; price around 85, - Euro)
- Composite, Component, HDMI, 1 x USB
- Before switching to another of an output should be short off / on, otherwise there is image distortion
- Audio / Video / Stillimage modes are automatically detected
- There is no "reading" are playable files, folders are all immediately available
- Almost all self-generated MPEG2 files are detected
- MPG2 created from SVCD, he plays WITHOUT SOUND
- Images of DVDs will be recognized (; synonymous menus and subtitles)
- (Self-created AVI files, from DV editing program) are not recognized
- H.264, AVCHD files are not recognized
- Original MOD (files, MPG2) from camcorders are not recognized, however, when renamed to *. MPG, they are recognized)
- Switch on the video - in Stillimage mode: auto, no problem
- USB flash drive: will be treated as USB hard drive
- HDMI mode uses the respective maximum height / width of the screen.

2.) WD TV (; price about 95, - Euro)
- Composite, NO component, HDMI, 2 x USB
- Of an output switch to the other problems
- Audio / Video / Stillimage previously manual modes must be set
- The "reading" of the playable files takes a little (; especially with USB stick)
- Almost all self-generated MPEG2 files are detected
- SVCD from MPG2 also be detected, synonymous with sound
- Menus and title of DVD images are not recognized, will always play the entire DVD of the top s.ab.
- (Self-created AVI files, from DV editing program) are not recognized
- (AVCHD H.264 files; synonymous original camcorder files are detected of Panasonic and Canon)
- Original MOD (files, MPG2) from camcorders are not recognized, however, when renamed to *. MPG, they are recognized)
- Will move from set video - in Stillimage mode must be manual
- USB flash drive: will be treated as USB hard drive
- HDMI mode takes advantage of the respective maximum height / width of the screen NOT.

PS: had already tested a WD TV, but since HDMI does not work, in the second, it worked.

Another PS: I just follow synonymous multimedie Player (; with integr tested. Harddrive):
a) VERBATIM (; with WLAN)
b) IOMEGA ScreenPlay
c) LaCie Cinema

- All three could not AVCHD H.264
- Verbatim and LaCie played Sound of MPEGs that were created from SVCDs, IOMEGA NOT!
- All three of DVD menus does not recognize images
- Self-created AVI

Antwort von roloslash:

Do grudge something else:

"Bottom Line" provides the WD slightly better quality TV and more video formats (; especially H.264) as the Traxdata.

Unfortunately, he's not really clear with the DVD folders of DVD is copied to the hard drive and the menus and subtitles included (or at least not with mine). This can, however, the Traxdata. But the problems with SVCD video files has (and not AVCHD, H.264 understand).

So who wants to buy a multimedia player with integrated or separate hard drive, you should try anyway. whether he was making, he is synonymous really can.


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