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Test: Test: CS5 Files, Part 5 - After Effects - The impact of memory speed of rudi - November 22, 2010 14:53:00
> Can benefit from after-effects of faster memory special, or you can proceed with the placement of its system RAM synonymous arbitrary?


Antwort von newbornzombie:

Very interesting test, unfortunately, was an important point not considered:
The Core 2 - architecture is quite well for Videoaplikationen (thanks to numerous improvements and excellent support from the software manufacturer) suitable, but because of the outdated system bus (FSB) there is a bottleneck in the connection of memory s.den Processor. Modern architectures (AMD since Athlon 64, Intel has the Core i - series) use a direct connection of memory and CPU without using a chipset (keyword integrated memory controller) and therefore benefit in Comparison to the Core 2 architecture disproportionately of faster RAM. Especially for memory-intensive applications like AE because you should see a difference.



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