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Tipps für stopmotion kurzfilm gesucht

Tips for stop motion shortfilm Wanted

Frage von clemento:
November 2007

hello dear Slashcam,

I have a small problem and hope to help one or other of you.
I work for small time s.einem stop motion shortfilm s.strand the plays, that is to say sea, horizont, etc. However, here are a few problems .. and while with the water and the sky
I've already tried several things and the water in the horizont beautiful scene set, but I am with the results not really satisfied.
Now I would like maybe with a blue / Greenbox work as the background (sea, cloudless ..) so only to serve as a backdrop and the actual stop motion action only takes place s.strand.

now the actual (rather stupid) question:
because I do not live s.meer, I do not have the possibility to the sea and the horizon to film (unfortunately synonymous've no matching old video material) and hm jo wanted to ask if any of you someone suitable for me. So yes not be long, so only 1-2 minutes of video material far horizon of the sea and a perspective that does not zoom, pan, etc.'s
whether 4:3 or 16:9 is not so tragic, because I with the actual work is not started yet and I'm quite flexible.

jo I know, a pretty stupid please, but perhaps I can so one or the other to help you.
or do you have any other ideas how I could solve s.besten?

Many thanks in advance:)

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

I have "in stock" unfortunately only recordings where ever other ships and sailboats in the background, which can be expressed in Kiel & surroundings hardly avoid ;-)
That means you can not do in a loop to run and it would therefore significantly longer than 1 ... = 2 minutes I did not.
Much is synonymous of board has been rotated, ie, it rocks and is not used as a background.
How long should your clip will be? If there really is no hurry: I'm constantly s.Meer past, now is not synonymous to the time of sailing ships. Since I can maybe five minutes or so the camera run.
In what format do you need it?

Antwort von clemento:

wow incredible:)
That would have I not thought about the real saucool of you! will of course always clearly mentioned;)
So the whole film must not exceed 3 min,
I work with premiere 2.0 and it would then prefer the 4:3 format.
2 min should be enough, so if you have time and desire to help me, I would be very very grateful to you :)!!!
s.liebsten me would be if on one half of the horizon while the other half of the sea could be seen (ie without beach) about how to see (of course without the sun)

zum Bild

Many thanks in advance!

Antwort von jansi:

Maybe I can help you synonymous, I can not quite keep up with Andreas, have from your last vacation but still synonymous SD recording in 16:9, the sun does not go in the sea below, but still looks nice.

Antwort von jansi:

Ah, have forgotten the period indicated. Between 1:30 and 2:00 min

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

Monday will be the weather saugut. Schaun mer times, Schöneberger beach, I was already synonymous forever no more :-)
Until then

Antwort von qwer99:

oh mann leute, das is ja der hammer! :)
Many thanks in advance!
ich lass dir mal ne pm rüber jansi

Antwort von clemento:

I was sorry, thought would be auto logged
hm pm gibts nich so here as I just found
jansi anyway many thanks for your help, but I think your record is unfortunately a bit too dark for my purposes and needs so synonymous with no beach and so: /
but many thanks!

and andreas you ever muchias gracias

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

... hopefully tomorrow hats a few beautiful white clouds :-) just came to the sun through, but that's synonymous again. At the moment everything would be gray in gray in prime view.

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

So, with the white clouds, it was about nothing. Instead, it was whistled saukalt and how stupid. Hopefully this is what is appropriate:

In DV, I would have ...

zum Bild
(3:26, 753 MByte)

zum Bild
(1:03, 233 MByte)

zum Bild
(1:42, 373 MByte)

zum Bild
(1:31, 334 MByte)

zum Bild
(0:19, 72 MByte)

... and in HD would be there:

zum Bild
(0:24, 77 MByte)

zum Bild
(1:56, 371 MByte)

zum Bild
(1:58, 365 MByte)


The sound is the most useful clip ;-) although the wind directly into the Micro raged. A slight tremor in one or other of the clip - I prefer sags - because of the 6 wind strengths is not avoidable.

So, who is now a / two clips need ideas please in rapidshare upload works only up to 100 MByte. @ clemento: possibly CD ..?


PS: everything is here

Antwort von clemento:

andreas wow, that is, those are incredible shots!
wahnsinn, thank you thank you thank you:)
the all look great, I can not even decide brauch s.besten all hehe

hm jo how we make the s.besten ..
as isn at rapidshare with a premium account, go as synonymous only to 100 mb?
otherwise I get an account and then send you the login details, otherwise I know not synonymous as we s.besten queue.

how can I actually retaliate andreas?
So what if you ever need from the mountains, tell me about it:)

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

... hm, s.besten then on a DVD. In my user profile are you on my site (there Impressum) s.meine mail address. Send me your postal address, and you will soon call a couple of clips your own.
On the job with the mountains I come back maybe times.
Best regards and beautiful first evening:

Antwort von Gabriel-Sancezz:

wahnsinn thank you!
hab dir ne mail already:)

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

Mail ... Brenner works :-)
Besten Gruß

Antwort von DWUA:

You seem a son of Poseidon / Neptune to be.
Then you know its unpredictability synonymous.
May you always be a hand's breadth of water under the keel have!


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

The two can be a very nice bags ;-) if after the expiry of the first draft does not have to sacrifice, etc. Since then as a sailor mans a bissel harder ...

Antwort von DWUA:

What you hear you do not commit the fatal error like the legendary Odysseus ...
Poseidon is not to honor, it means a long wandering or sinking.

Just wanted to point out that you are one of the
few are used for other ready to make something.
Unusually in a forum like this!

Greetings from Mount Olympus, according to Hermes / Mercury:
Gold medal!

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

Anyway I had to go again, my doctors told me after infarction strongly recommended ;-)
After Laboe synonymous then I'm still rausgefahren, but it was even colder at the top of the Navy Memorial, the Camera has almost the Velbon gepustet. Would have been worth it just no wind, then something would be:
zum Bild
has become much calmer.
But vieeeel fresh air!

Antwort von clemento:

very idyllic is everything with you up there, I have to say!

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Clemento

Would you be the Slashcam - your community "little stop motion short," if he is ready, present synonymous?

Antwort von lugburz:

yes of course happy, but since you still have a little patience, let it be finished until February, then yes you can my previous projects anschaun under "my projects" stand inside it.
but you will not be too much, just make the hobby, all low / no budget, I'm still a little amateur;)

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Clemento

I want to advertise so s.einer FHS. (so)?
What if one asks you:
Where and how, so you have the fabulous "idyllic" recordings made?
The home page you should better not have it.

All the best;)

Antwort von Johannes:

"DWUA" wrote:
@ Clemento
... so you have the fabulous "idyllic" recordings made? ...

... with a Andreas_Kiel ...

Antwort von DWUA:

@ John

So much lol, we would not now expected of DIR.
But for more serious applications is warranted.
Dieter B s gibts there exactly so.

Antwort von clemento:

a little strange material is okay, just the main part of the film of me, I may lose the film so do not synonymous with self-produced music dubbing.
the recordings of andreas will only serve as a backdrop and the synonymous only a small part of the film, the rest will be before I play selbstgebastelten scenery, I'm just busy s.basteln;)

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Clemento

That is, yes.
Not only the Minimalstanforderungen meet, but also
possible independent ideas.
What do you think what you've got competition!

Antwort von clemento:

I am fully aware!
Who says that I only meet the minimum requirements to meet?

Antwort von Axel:

"clemento" wrote:
Who says that I only meet the minimum requirements to meet?

Your films have a certain kick, synonymous to something worse. Filmic look, good timing, experimentation. For many applications movies (which I have on DVD) you can see the good intention to convey this. But of course I do not sit in a jury and did not call the shots.

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