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Frage von MaSchn:


After I in this magnificent forum here has often found many useful tips that I was surprised for my current problem not the solution to be found.

The problem:
If I am with my new movie premiere CS4 (; WMV Format) export to blur the fonts in the title - so you better understand what I mean, here's a screenshot of the rendering result in CS4

And here, the former result.

You see, the result with CS4 is significantly worse than with CS3.

Now to me of course, the crucial question - "What I do wrong?"
The export settings are exactly the same as in CS3 - the only thing missing - and is probably synonymous since the cause - is the hook that I used in "assembling" before render removed.

See this screenshot ...

So, someone has now after all these confused thoughts have an idea how I could fix my problem - maybe it helps me already, if someone could explain to me what the function "Merge" in CS3 has brought ....

Ah yes, a support request to Adobe, I have cleverly synonymous - they have not yet responded.


Antwort von MaSchn:

Is there really anyone who has a similar problem? I would be really grateful for any tip!


Antwort von Commanderjanke:

You give the video from interlaced or progressive? Basically, I have festegestellt the video coding for CS4 is worse ls in CS3, maybe it depends so synonymous together. Well coming soon so maybe the update is yes then all the better.

Gruß Michael


Antwort von Wiro:

CS4 at about 2 things have changed:

The checkmark "assembly" does not exist any more, because in CS4 this feature is enabled by default. One must therefore not be extrapolated off. This can occur when you do not lie.

The other is the case with the revised PAR in CS4. While previously worked with 1.067 was standard is now 1.094 (; EBU standard). This can lead to distortions in the export if the (; previous) image width of 768px is used. At a PAR of 1.094 are arithmetically 720x1, 094 = 787.68. Since the encoder with this crooked figure may not expect is the closest number 788th

Trying times with 788x576 instead of 768x576 or greater. Perhaps because the problem and it is followed by better.
Sag decision obs works.
Greeting Wiro


Antwort von MaSchn:

Phuu, I thought there None more logs to this question.

@ Commanderjanke: The Effect is a no preference whether I will output interlaced or progressive.

@ Wiro: The pixels with the relationship I've already tried synonymous. Whether I am 788 or 768 - the effect is always the same. I've tried synonymous the data in a new sequence with square pixels and the different character widths. Again, the effect is the same.
Then I thought maybe it generally is s.den titles. Unfortunately, it was synonymous not the solution. Even if I get a new title with text and logo to create and insert the result looks like this.

I'm sort of stumped ...


Antwort von MaSchn:

Haha, the problem has been solved.
The solution was easier than I thought and was of a zero in Blicker premiere at first glance discovered:
In the upper right corner of the Render Settings, there is a small box with three strokes. Anyone who clicks receives a menu in which he "Maximum rendering quality" choice. Then nothing more blurred. Small hooks s.der History: It is impossible to render on every hook, because the premiere is not over.


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