Infoseite // Two stereo microphones s.einem camcorder (Panasonic GS400) they carry?

Frage von Neo:

Hello once,
I ne'Frage times:)

Is there a possibility s.meiner DV Cam (Panasonic 400) two stereo microphones operate at the same time?
The camera has a 3.5mm stereo jack input for external Micro / s.

Since I currently have an external Sony Micro capacitor and by extension this s.The go plug in my camera Atmogeräusche usually lost. Therefore, I have ordered additionally of a micro Rode, also a stereo condenser microphone.

Now I am thinking on whether I can join two stereo sources, ie the trace of the stereo microphone on the Sony, for example, left Toneingangskanal the Panasonic camera. The stereo track of the Rode Micro, which is located directly on the camera, should then be summarized injected into the right Toneingangskanal the camera.

Is this possible and what times / adapters would be necessary.
About the help I would be happy!

PS: Definitely not a perfect solution, but so I could position at a church wedding as the Sony Micro with a 5m extension cable directly s.Altar that Rode Micro would add to the atmosphere of the camera. They both tracks, I would then disconnect afterwards in the editing program, but would only mono, which would not bother me but in this case ....


Antwort von Markus:


How about an alternative, if you click on the camcorder is a good directional microphone and record the atmosphere of another microphone to a separate recorder? At 5 feet unbalanced cable run you otherwise would have a great risk to absorb electromagnetic Einsteuungen (read: you would next to the O-sound may hear radio - and could do nothing about it!).


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