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Ubuntu als Video- und Tonstudio

Ubuntu as a video - and sound studio

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Januar 2007

Ubuntu as a video - and recording studio of rudi - 22 Jan 2007 17:51:00
The Ubuntu developers community wants with the new April-Release "Feisty Fawn" synonymous a special version for multimedia productions to bring out. The "Ubuntu Studio" dubbed Project will be special programs for editing of audio - video - graphic files and bring along. After installing a comparison with the normal version contains the special distro gepachten, inter alia, a real-time kernel. After several months since Dynebolic no longer attainable, actually a reason for hope. But since Ubuntu is usually no proprietary drivers extradite the Project is expected to Nvidia and ATI Drivers must renounce. These are probably not licensed codecs synonymous delivered. The fact that a multimedia distribution without MP3 or DVD playback really spread, we believe (unfortunately) not.
to news reporting

Antwort von PowerMac:

Well, if it so dogmatic and idealistic rules over the mind and pragmatic application stand. Krasser: prostitute or verrecken.

Antwort von Thoniel:

super geil ... and without the codecs it does not spread but is idiocy .. The codecs can be so free support.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Yes, of course. People who like graphics drivers in Linux and install codecs like to compile and patch the kernel to make it happy. And under which it is synonymous disseminated.

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"PowerMac" wrote:
And under which it is synonymous disseminated.

How true! Whenever I'm with any OS-ux toying, I read it in the c't hoffungsvolle instructions, for example, the selfmade a media server for the home, such as
[code: 1: bd43127a11] machdingsda-x -1-v - / s GPRS Wutz-botch-zacj-krks [/ code: 1: bd43127a11]
and remained rather when :-) xp
One must not like it - me personally, says more about the handling. Had I studied computer science, I would perhaps think differently.

Antwort von chaos_total:

As I said in my head to have a plan, a business completely on Linux and switch with "cinelerra" to cut, I read something so very happy. Especially after I it "Ubuntu" finally succeeded in the Proggi synonymous to install. * g *

That I previously under Suse 8.2, Suse 9.1 "Debian Sarge and failed. Well, at least I as a user Winbugs pretty much learned about Linux. * g *

Liebe Grüße, chaos

Antwort von coolman:


Considering all but once as a challenge. When I of Amiga to PC I changed were the synonymous worlds (and I say today: The Amiga was 100% better than any Windows version, when W2000 was so slow a bit Amiga Feeling a ... if only synonymous with the number of crashes ). Unfortunately, we are all s.Windows "handling" procedures used, and when Linux is unfortunately otherwise. And so a nice console, it was up to and including NT 4.0, which is normal in Windows. Only with W2K requires almost no more (except for example, if one's system via the Internet, ie Atomuhrgenau, wants to provide. Then nothing without the "DOS prompt"). And the moral of the story: With Linux, everything is something Fummel

Antwort von PowerMac:

Or the Mac Fummelei combines with intuition.

Antwort von chaos_total:

@ Host

Considering all but once as a challenge.

Just as I see it. :-)

Amiga was the "rich" children reserved for DOS, I have, where it just went down, and now I sit, traraaa, s.Linux consoles and then kicking me out before. ;-)

Liebe Grüße, chaos

Antwort von Marcin:


I've been using linux for 2 years for NLE and am relatively happy.
With Practical ubuntu has no problem of system-Page - everything works "as in XP." I myself, as an old linux user astonished. Cinelerra as NLE is enough for me, I can edit 1080i, it uses OpenGL nvidia card (eg scaling, compositing). Unfortunately it has many bugs, the man must somehow bypass (I have it under control).

Another topic - shell (command line):
It really is much better to write
$ Mencoder-vf scale = 512:288-mc 0-noskip in.avi-out.avi o \
-of avi-oac lavc-ovc lavc \
lavcopts-vcodec = mp2: vcodec = mpeg4: vbitrate = 1000: aspect = 16 / 9 \
-ffourcc mp4v

than 20 times click GUI (eg for the mencoder still exist).
1) You have such a command but does not himself write copy from
manual / forum, etc.
2) You can save this command, auto (I have 10 ^ 6 history)
manual or in text file and re-use
3) You write me koente for loop:
for f in * big.avi; do mencoder (. ... as above) $ f-o `basename $ f big.avi` smal.avi; done
eg 1000 and files without converting zusatlisches expenses.
4) It has a scripting language for all programs for automation and do not need a program for individual
learn. It is wirlich laugh at me for the programs such as "file renamer.

You can learn it in 2-3h and brings great advantage!



Ps All the clips are on my page with cinelerra edited:

Antwort von chaos_total:

Quick OT: I have a thread relating to "Cinelerra" opened, and would be glad if you malspeziellzuMarcinguck * * tell me your experiences so that customers could do! Thank you!

Liebe Grüße, chaos

Antwort von MrQ:

@ Marcin:

as you have the HDV clips to get the calculator?
I have in Linux is still not as the solution.
Gruß Jens

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Marcin" wrote:
(...) It is really much better to write
$ Mencoder-vf scale = 512:288-mc 0-noskip in.avi-out.avi o \
-of avi-oac lavc-ovc lavc \
lavcopts-vcodec = mp2: vcodec = mpeg4: vbitrate = 1000: aspect = 16 / 9 \
-ffourcc mp4v

than 20 times click GUI (eg for the mencoder still exist). (...)

Tünnes! Linux GUIs are mostly shit, and intuitive ways unesthetic. Before I shall command NEN learn, I prefer to click. And while not 20 times as in Linux, but 5 times in OS X.

Antwort von Cpt_morgan:

@ Jens:

Antwort von MrQ:

I think this is a matter of taste. I came of Windows and Linux will have noticed that I have with the command'm much more effective. Of course, not synonymous type I constantly monitor the entire line.
I have a text file with the commands.
Line Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V and ENTER. That's all. Or the history. Up Arrow until I had the command. Especially for recurring tasks there is nothing faster.

I do not need great-looking 3D animated GUIs. I just want to quickly and effectively.

@ Marcin: Thanks :-)

Gruß Jens

Antwort von boessu:

Well, that's good news times. I am a few years ago of Linux back to Windows again for two reasons:
1. on Linux, there was no sound editing software, make it with Vegas or Adobe Premiere has been able to. I was really so much to me just for a Mac's cutter to buy, have it for financial reasons to leave.
2. On Linux, I was on for days' rumbasteln (Suse) and had me in the millions of packages simply lost.

Recently, hab 'ich mal Ubuntu Edgy Eft on here' rumlungernden PC (yes, hab 'here are several ... I hope I'm not the only one ;-). And it was actually for a scientist as I am not at all funny because everything runs on the first try. I have Xubuntu on a small laptop and installed using Wine warrior even the old Word 97 running better than XP. So point 2 since Ubuntu is really worlds better. It is a really useful part. The pre-packages are carefully chosen and make sense. I can not synonymous informaticians recommended times to install it (I have Linux for non-information animal never really recommended). Especially as I was aware on Ubuntu, because my NON-scientist vorgeschwärmt which has ...

For media things I must, however, strongly recommend that an NVidia graphics card is used. The available ATI drivers make me demonstrably trouble, except I turn 3D completely. NVidia Linux in return is obviously very serious.

But point 1, I'm still skeptical. My beloved Vegas ... I can really seriously against Cinerella exchange? Is it really true that there are now synonymous in this sector there reasonable alternatives? Am I really hard to believe ...

Cheers Bössu

Antwort von Stefan:

Class message! After Dynebolic has disappeared, I am on the search for a different distribution with DV Editing for Linux.

Bin mal gespannt!
The thick Stefan

Antwort von RollerDH:

Was hat! Who's interested, my dear "Studio64" take. Debian Gnome + lite + + klickibunti realtime-patched-kernel + multimedia packages, there's been forever.
And then there's next to Thin: Billitsch synonymous nor De: Mu: Tu Studio64 is the beginning of s.als native 64bit version and 32bittig appeared synonymous and properly installed.
The boys can save, I think. But a chic's name would have been able to invent. Mu-Mu-Buntu, Boomboomboomtu,
Ichkannlinuxunddu ...
Greetz, daRoller

Antwort von Garbor:

That's bullshit, the proprietary graphics drivers can be easily installed as a package, they are not only car with the installation Requirements.
The same applies to the codecs, packet source to register and support.

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