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Frage von Ajnat:

Who can help me PLEASE?

And while I have the following problem:

Have ...
... a camcorder of Canon MV 790
... of a laptop Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V3505 Model MS2192
... a firewire IEEE1394 Kit (map) bought because there is no connection for my camcorder s.meinem laptop was!

Now my problem!

Close to the Camera, which is then immediately of my laptop is detected. Then I start the program "Windows Movie Maker" and do all the settings for the transfer, until then everything works!

THEN it starts and stops after 3 seconds again. The picture stops and the transmit does not work anymore, however, runs the camera next. Even after several attempts, it stops again and again for 3 seconds. : ((

I and my friend have already had some earlier attempts, drivers, Windows re-install what do I know what .... until then we have abandoned in despair, but there is no peace to me and I SEARCH OF SOMEONE CAN HELP WITH.

Drivers I have erased all, so I have until now and I would be nothing of any idea and help you.

Liebe Grüße Tanja


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Tanja,

look after the time limit for the video. Since default is a value entered and a check mark is set. This tick nimm mal raus.


Antwort von Ajnat:

and where do I find it? in setting?


Antwort von Markus:

I have the Movie Maker is not in front of me. Look in the Help (press F1):

Use of Windows Movie Maker> Record of Video> How to take parts of the video of a tape in a DV camera on.

Item 9 describes the recording time limit, the points from the way there.


Antwort von Ajnat:

First, I thank you for your idea,

But ...

no that does not work: ((in this receptive time limit is not a hook inside so it's not aktivieiert.: ((

However, my camera spins grade, a new problem!

and although I believe it was formerly synonymous always so ...

when I turn on the video that they will be transferred ...
... does the camera s.and runs the viedeo
... on the laptop, the video does not appear,
... and there will be at the size of videodateo 3KB displayed and nothing else happens.

receptive if I do quit, then there
... The video has been fehlerhadt. Make sure that her and her video camera recording device ordnugsgemäß konfigiriert are.

Do not know why this morning with the 3-second record gin and not now, now it's the whole time with the 3 n.and the time is running and then not at all as I said earlier it was synonymous the problem.

PS: camera and the card can not be broken because I am now at a freundina uf tried the laptop of my camera and my map viedeo to transfer and it went without problems.

: ((Maybe what ideas?

LG Tanja


Antwort von Markus:

"Ajnat" wrote: ... because today I am at a freundina uf tried the laptop of my camera and my map viedeo to transfer and it went without problems.
The capture times to try somewhere else would have been my next tip. In this case it seems the cause again in the direction of the SP2 problems, what would be rather awkward.

" NV-GS27: capturing video?


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