Infoseite // Ulead Media Studio pro 8 - Processing of MPEG in the editor (HDV) - Codec?

Frage von Adrian57:

Camera: SonyHDR-HC1; software: Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 According to the Manual of the film from the tape will be transcoded into mpeg format (with the capture program or directly from the editor program) so that the mpeg then you can edit in the editor as a Project. In the capture process is the following set to auto accepted is "recording device" SONY - HDV, "Recording Format: HDV (which can not be changed, although several formats such as AVI, MPEG, etc. in the pull-down menu are available!) "Recording Options": It appears the Ulead HDV plug-in with the host Beitext: "This recording HDV plug-in supports. The capturing verläufe smoothly, the file is saved as a mpeg in the specified path (7 min = 1.2 GB). If I as an mpeg the Editor Project (no preference which HDV template I use to edit) wants ( "bearteiten file format"), and then from the Production Library to import mpeg-file, the message "Can not File *. mpeg Open, The codec is invalid. " Can someone help me? Thank you - adrian57


Antwort von wolfgang:

What is there exactly, and why the converted program stream can not be opened, I do not know. For the MSP8 this material can definitely edit.

Did you wrong in the picture when you write that the HC1 is not recognized. It says "Sony HDV, what do you want to more? And if the HC1 in HDV has been connected to fashion, why you should be able to switch to DV avi? Apparently so does the capturing itself synonymous, but the material should be imported at ease - or are equal in the corresponding window.


Antwort von burk:

I have the same problem that the mpeg file in the editor is not loaded.
It would be great if someone has a solution which setting is incorrect.
I use the HC3. Capturing worked.


Antwort von MichaSpr:

And can you tell us what to tell you of the settings used?


Antwort von kiteschlampe:


films for years but only recently HDV synonymous.

Therefore, a tip, but it is not carved in stone:

The info on the DV tape is a MPG2 stream. There is nothing transcoded, but just read the stream.

This MPG2 stream depends on the codec used inside the camcorder, so the software manufacturer of capturing Proggis who have dinger synonymous only once integrated into the respective software, since even with a Manufacturer there are differences in the product code.

Now I would suspect that the "internal MPG2 encoder" of your CAM is not compatible with the decoder in Ulead.

Ulead indeed has a SP to download on the page, is likely to eliminate your problem.

The SP does not work in the trial version.

As I said, only ne conjecture.

Gruss Chris


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