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Frage von AlexxG:


My SD-camera has given up the ghost and I look around just for a HD Camera. For research is with me now the following question arose.

As the distribution medium will be with me (; synonymous for some time) remains a DVD / must, of course I would like to cut at a preview to a monitor SonyTV have. The cut should nevertheless be made in HD.

What are my options there under Sony Vegas
via Firewire / HDV camcorder? (; Rather reluctantly because I would rather of DV tapes would get away)
TV-Out s.der graphics card?
additional card or box?


Antwort von tommyb:

You can either take an expensive capture card (such as something of Black Magic), or the TV out of your use graphics card.

The latter approach is simpler and unbeatable prices. If your TV monitor S-Video takes on, the picture looks very good synonymous (graphics card should be able to spend synonymous S-Video). In Vegas you can even then in the monitor settings, the Resolutionanpassen and the frame rate (Hz).

Note only that are connected with many of the older generation graphics cards up to two monitors can monitor one or s.Videoausgang + a TV set. The 5000 series of ATI may be synonymous as controlling three devices simultaneously.


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