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I did last night, the 13 video lessons for sony vegas download it, which I do by grade - and as old as Magix-user enters a bunch of things I've never been used (as seen from Magix never). That's why I'm here a couple of questions purely made - in the hope that you have sympathy with my ignorance ...

In video 2 is about the preferences (File - Properties), from Magix has ne one file simply dragged to the timeline and the film settings are automatically adjusted. Mans has manual on "File" and so had made it not nearly as many opportunities as in Vegas ...

1. What is really at Pal IMX? (In other threads I read only that mans adjusts when no bottom-field, but not what it actually is: for top-field/bottom-field I could go on IMX and DV nor by Hand modify, so this can not be the determining factors?)

2. To the pixel format I

The description is:

Choose a setting from the drop-down list to specify whether the video processing (compositing, scaling, preview, rendering, and most of the video plug-ins) to run with an 8-bit or 32-bit floating point arithmetic.

Performs video processing with 8-bit arithmetic in the video color space (RGB or Studio 16-235) by.

32-bit floating point (video level)
Performs video processing with 32-bit arithmetic in the video space by.

32-bit floating point (full range)
Performs video processing with 32-bit arithmetic in the full range of color space.

Since I have no idea what a "floating point" is: Should we always use 32-bit full-range (ie the first 8-bit better performance for all cut, and if cut is on 32-bit upgrade?)

3. Render Quality: Does this attitude now just for the preview window or synonymous then later for the finished film (that I will work for low setting as possible, so that the program does not crash and before rendering the highest quality make it ?...)?

4. Movement under field type: I read habs - which setting works like - that mans the bus tracks need only ... - What setting can you recommend me (especially when I first bus tracks are not aware / do not use)? According to the description, I'd take "box" (all frames same weight).

5. Deinterlacing method

In the description it says:

Does not deinterlace by.

Fields mix
Uses contents of both Fields and is well suited for detailed, sedentary video.

Fields interpolate
Used at any time a single field and is well suited for motion-rich, low-detail video.

What do I do if I / movable arms and lack of detail / movement-rich videos have detailed, or do not know of what material I have more? Should I stay then it is better to "No"?

6. I let the audio sample rate rather to 48,000? Belongings somewhere read that camcorder with 48 000 record normally.

Best regards and thanks in advance,



Antwort von Marco:

IMX is an MPEG-2 based compression methods.

You should always use the 8-bit pixel format.

There are settings for render quality and - completely independent of it - the settings for preview quality.

As long as you do not create animations with Vegas Pro synonymous and the video bus track used, plays the setting for the Blur Type is irrelevant.

The deinterlacing method in the project settings should always be set to "Fields mix. This is still running no deinterlacing.

The settings of the sample rate in the project settings is relevant only for preview and will not affect the rendering. The setting can be tailored to the characteristics of the sound card or on the properties of the material.



Antwort von hubse:

Thanks for the reply, no such information is the frustration factor of something pretty high ...



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