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Vegas wirklich besser als Magix Video Deluxe 15/16 ?

Vegas really better than Magix Video Deluxe 15/16?

Frage von maxi62:
November 2009

Actually, I always work with Magix Video Deluxe 15th I worked 2 days now with Vegas and see a small cut VIdeo to see if it is worth the upgrade.

That's right, I'm still not convinced that Vegas really does more! Until now I've really found nothing which is not with Magix Deluxe (VDL15) synonymous going, often even faster. In VDL, I can use most things synonymous KeyFrame animations and the like.
The only thing quite postiv at Vegas was the fact the HD-Vidios in the preview were a liquid, as sgeht at VDL15 only if you insert the clip before runterrechnet, which requires more time.
But working in the tracks like, I believe with Magix Video Deluxe 15 all a bit brisk, more intuitive.
Ok, the Pro version of Vegas has a tool with which one can draw mask. However, one can with a graphics program, which has probably synonymous everyone better and lasts much longer synonymous. Or?
The overview of the currently selected track and things are not so distinct as with Magix Video Deluxe 15th Title effects are much more complicated to install.
Major disadvantage is that there are few German synonymous Tutorials and Books on Vegas Pro, especially if one wants to do more things together than just clips and transitions. The actual features of Vegas I've seen in any video tutorial, or there are no outstanding features?

Can you name a few times which really are the arguments for Vegas, maybe I overlooked something? It is not always what is in the handling of complicated synonymous really better! It is often said you could make so many things in Vegas when we made known. I just wonder what things should be, are not synonymous VDL15 there who knows if we can?

Antwort von pilskopf:

But you do not talk of Vegas 9 or pro? I feel that that is a lot better than Magix.

The masks are a great advantage in Vegas, the keyframes can be set or generally in Vegas, and much easier to change the image details can be changed easily and quickly, much more confortable. It is more flexible for the overlays, you can infinitely vary the speed of a film. The effect of collection is much better in Vegas. Gant, the handling is easier and wiser resolved.

I have many years with Magix cut my movies, it is not bad, but Vegas is better. However Magix has a few things I eg in Vegas can not reconstruct it as easy as possibly synonymous in Magix, but only because I did not like it rausgefunden at stake. The deformation is going 3d with Magix class and I'm in Vegas, not even rausgefunden how this is.

Antwort von maxi62:

Oh yes, I already test the Vegas 9 Pro?
Have you worked synonymous with VDL 15 or 16 or maybe older version?
As much as I see it differently when not at the keyframes. And precisely that with the illustrations, I actually find when VDL15 much easier, I use very often! The speed can still be continuously varied in VDL15, at least as easily as in Vegas!
Overall, I find the handling so far in Vegas, not exactly pleasant, but this can, of course, synonymous only s.VDL15 his habit, so I ask you, yes!
You really only told me now that Vegas is probably not so good. Do you know of anything synonymous what Vegas can not and VDL15? I mean the price is 4 times more expensive, as synonymous, I expect even a few benefits!
The VDL15 already contains some inconsistencies and annoying bugs, that's true! But ultimately, can make a lot there, but incredibly, some a bit complicated but much more convenient than halt synonymous with Vegas, it seems to me so far!

Antwort von pilskopf:

Clearly, the mask is terrific, but I already own pay by 300 ¬. This gives me easy ways that I can use with Magix not as accurate. I got there, although synonymous with B / W geabreitet masks but that was much more expensive than now. In addition, the condition is only good at Magix. Is just ne argc Fummel work.

For Magix gibts not so great effects like Vegas. In fact, I find the mark on Magix better resolved, which confused me at Vegas, but the program still provides far more easily just synonymous, 3d tracking, I check (not yet), eg

I think if you are in Vegas, working longer pure, you can get much more out but Magix is therefore not so bad, I think I'm in my last movies the best of Magix still rausgeholt and usually ranging from synonymous. But now I can do more. : D

When you walk times on my account Tube, the video with the dog is with Vegas cut. There, I've masked some of the scenes as a blur to produce. That would be so gone Magix not really that good. Possibly yes, but not in a short time. All the other videos on my accounts are created, but with Magix. A good example of the possibilities is the Strutz documentary on Vimeo, I admit, with Vegas so I could not build because I lack the 3D deformation.

I've used Magix 15, to 16 now I was no longer because of the switch.

I've had bugs in Magix sometimes synonymous with the keyframes who can no longer simply select. I still feel much confortable at Vegas at Magix, you must always enter everything by hand, in Vegas, the mouse is enough for this.

If I want to stabilize my video) to expand (slants, I just can make faster Vegas, Magix enter in everything by hand the number of degrees synonymous because this function is quite buggy if you want to make the mouse on Good German, which went with me 've never been to Magix, I schaffs not going around using the mouse, the Picture by 3 degrees. So things that I now hold dear.

And again with the mask. The possibilities are simply so terrific. Simply cut out quickly once a sky color and edit it separately. That's great.

Antwort von maxi62:

Well well, the mask is beautiful. But yes anyway usually make sense only with still images and therefore we can make the synonymous quickly in a graphics program, if one has good control! But I admit that it is faster in Vegas!

You say Vegas was beautiful effects! Can you name a few is better than you feel about and use often, I've noticed so far not given a prominent, but is perhaps because the little animated picture preview is not always very meaningful?

3D tracking synonymous, I do not understand, like so many others! That's just the previously mentioned disadvantage of the video tutorials, there is little good! It would be desirable to have at Vegas!

Your dog video, I know! As always at your videos, very nice, especially the camera work and the perspectives from which one sees it! slow motion makes itself so synonymous always good! But that would halt all synonymous in the Magic quickly. To make the mask frame and hold fast to mask in the graphics program, save and reload at Magic in track. Ok, it takes 5-10 minutes longer!

Really I'm still not convinced! I understand not as accurate as synonymous to the appropriate window trimmer uses. Leider gibts to synonymous again no German tutorial!

Antwort von Axel:

"maxi62" wrote:
Well well, the mask is beautiful. But yes anyway usually make sense only with still images and therefore we can make the synonymous quickly in a graphics program, if one has good control! But I admit that it is faster in Vegas!

Just hanging with you the famous penny in the slot. I like being the one who shakes you, for you will be very happy:

Masks can animate it, with keyframes. This is truly priceless. The weights to 1001 Effects, where you already can see that they have TV-style. Masks are handmade, and the comps (or what always synonymous), which were made with them, look class.

Antwort von pilskopf:

Correct, where exactly is not confortable at Magix. For still images, I give you right but I will not resign myself to all. I want to make synonymous with movement. The dog is barking in one of the scenes, his head inclined downward, the ears just created, that would ne Heidenarbeit if I would do with Magix, oje, never so clean. Although I've synonymous here gearbetet not as clean but that was synonymous only a quick video for my friend's sister.

With a Canon is not necessary to post this obviously creates a bit if the home has plenty of DOF but the Cam and the Lenses must be yes only once have. As I come away cheaply with Vegas, and the result is currently not synonymous, I believe so badly. You can add value to your own cam stop so quickly.

Thus, the masking function is an outstanding feature of which I never do without again. Have I had always liked to Magix.

And Effects. Alone, something like Ray's is quite nice. There are really many plug ins that are not bad. The color correction is more synonymous with Vegas, no question. Soft Contrast, Levels, which are effects that I think is very good to enhance the picture and it just goes so fast, it's important when cutting, just depends on the final product s.welche I use and I've only recently begun to intersect with it, so I'll have plenty of time to spend all the functions to understand. The trim window, I have not got that at Magix, no idea what that means. : D

If you do not need all this, Magix can be perfectly adequate, no question, my hats almost never missed s.was except for the mask tool.

Antwort von maxi62:

Aha, you can animate masks. What is meant to animate with? Move and change in size so they can be fairly easily via Key Magix synonymous. S.man But I guess they can deform over time synonymous with Vegas, is that right? But s.eine certain image position staple (zBseinen head) probably will not go, right?
If so, then that's a huge advantage, because you did right, of course, and this is already a convincing point!

The effects mentioned to me tonight I'll watch it!

How do you do when you have to cut a longer clip often for Music / want? Somehow I would like that sometimes a bin for the zerschnippelten parts that you do not just need, want. There is always something hardships if not required until the back part time somewhere on track ud lies down and her need to jump. Maybe I can somehow to use the trim window, it is the part where you just need rausschneidet. But one would have to trim the window erkenen synonymous irgendie to what has already been used and what's left! I do not know if this is the case.

Antwort von pilskopf:

You can stop right mask, you can set anchor in 1000 (if you're plöd to do that actually) and so many, needs one, so you can perfectly mask the desired object. And, of course, this mask you can move and change as you like, the quasi-morphs. A bit of practice you must have and clever disguise for so little anchor points as possible to have. This is important.

Attach to a head, you can not, that you yourself have to do, theoretically, just the start and end point, the rest is calculated, and correction is done. In Magix that's synonymous not handled better.

Back to the music section. I'll do after your method, I have to say may be because there are other ways (as saved Take for example) but I've learned it with Magix precisely synonymous.

Antwort von maxi62:

I once again tested a lot! yes there smit the masks is beautiful. Also referred Effects / Bildverbesserer are fine.

Nu ne more question: If I aufspreche on a track comments, how do I reach the s.einfachsten softer with each comment, the music is! I know that one in the envelope can draw a reduction, abe many comments abou this is very expensive. Magix has functions to make the car; are there any here synonymous?

Antwort von Marco:

"Gibts sowas synonymous here?"

Yes and no, there are plugins for it. Professionally we sowas triggers either a sidechain compressor or by manual level.


Antwort von maxi62:

Also still up ;-)
But this is so stupid that it is not a function! Where can I find a suitable plugin that would help me, you know one?

Antwort von Marco:

Excalibur or Production Assistant are plugins that solve it in its own way by script-processing. Sidechain Compressor is available as a VST plug-ins. All of these solutions, of course, synonymous costs accordingly.

I find the manual level, but really easy and it is synonymous done relatively quickly if you have mastered the craft and to use automation in Vegas for the levels.

The target audience is different from that of Magix products. It is highly unlikely that you will find a broad line of similarities in operating philosophy and functions. You will find at best sporadic intersections. And if you were happy with Magix, it is questionable whether the increased supply of functional Vegas, which is found in many different details will enrich you.


Antwort von maxi62:

Well, I liked some things in Vegas quite good! The image-enhancing features and effects and mask making even open up interesting possibilities.
But we all comments manual in the envelope must draw, I find truly been a bit cumbersome. So ne small role in that comment by clicking on the envelope of the other tracks will be lowered would be really appropriate to s.den comfort I have got used, it just goes faster. I have to wonder sowas in Vegas does not work, finally gibts ja synonymous cheap editions which certainly have similar target audience like Magix.

Antwort von Marco:

Similarly, perhaps, but with different focuses. If this is not so and would have all the programs would be equal, one would need, especially in low range only a single program. The diversity and makes it so everyone can rauspicken the ideal tool for him.


Antwort von Axel:

Especially Vegas, I do not know. The advantages of being profit-like application, however, is that everything can be adjusted by the user. A normal transition is never the same, exactly how the desired timing Deckkraftänderung via keyframe curve. One mag's like to fix & complete, will look accordingly's, as always halt. The other wants more, but must do more to synonymous. Somehow fundamental.

Lowering the volume on a voice-over is a 60s solution and sounds cheap. Subtle and natural it is easy to compress the voice () filter. The volumes remain the same, but the voice is always present. If you have a good speaker listens, one synonymous like an uncompressed voice not quite (: Suitable for voice s.besten large diaphragm mics are basically already hardware compressors) for the frequencies of the human voice.

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