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Frage von Pulsiom:


for green-screen effects in a small studio I'm looking for a video mixer with a good Chromakey and ideally 4:2:2 - Support. I do not need HD. The whole should be favorable. Would be nice if one or another comes across with some experience.



Antwort von video_christian:

Hello Pulsiom,

The Panasonic AG-MX70E is pretty good.
However, not really cheap.
Manufacturer Link:

Ale cheaper option, I can recommend to you the SE-800 of Datavideo
-> DV / Datavideo_SE_800_AV.html

If you are with CVBS (; chinch) are working, it may be synonymous to the TriCaster.
Den gibts in different variants. The smallest can handle 3 Camera signals.
Runs well, and makes a Chroma 1a. Have a lot of synonymous Studio presets in it.




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Video Mixer with Chromakey good looking.

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