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Frage von organica:


would like to buy a video camera to 1500 ¬. thus profit, just as it is possible for the money. for:

Omit artistic,
video clips
But besides making friends synonymous off or weddings of - spontaneously, without having to perform distance measurements have large

three camera men have asked and are independent of each other all come up with the canon 550D!
Concerning the last point but what I've read this:
"A continuous AF, which adjusts the sharpness s.Motive relating to the cameraman, or of his move away, offers the DSLR does not. If you press the shutter button half way in, so the focus digicam - but the Optics pumps here a bit back and forth until the picture is sharp again. "

looks not so good if you'd like to shoot without much drauflos bedienung, right?
ask me not so mad with the synonymous to keep this plastic mountain in a hand and can reasonably smoothly running times to film something.

what say you?


Antwort von nicecam:

For "everything that comes before the Lens" filming is always still a conventional camcorder recommended.

So for the first three of your films mentioned purposes (scenic) may address a DSLR.

But "making offs or weddings yes [in the latter are hopefully well thought ;-)] spontaneity.

And as I think camcorder make it better.


Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

In the price category, the Panasonic 707 makes a good picture, the touch screen is better than this laser line touch button on the page.

Hat Zebra, Histogram, in manual focus mode, the camera than the sharpness of color edge, with the wheel of the 707 can be a clean
Rack Focus do much better than a DSLR s.der Optics, again as need accessories for this to work out.

The optical Bildstabilisierer s.der 707 works quite well,
I had time for fun, all taken in MSH markets Tolle Cams in hand - and the 707 was still the only interesting ConsumerCam which could be synonymous to use as B-Cam, or on expeditions when it is damp or wet is good synonymous nor SW20 of Panasonic. Otherwise, I prefer to take a Canon HDV cam or my HM700 of JVC.


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