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Frage von blueplanet:

System: Win7, NVIDIA FX3800 Quatro, i7Quad processor, Premiere CS5

Following problem: AVCHD footage (full HD, 25fps, Quatre. Pixel, upper half frame) appears in the preview of the movie timeline "blurred" and blurred. the sequence with the stop button is stopped, the frame is "sharp" in the preview window are.
(Note: the playback on the desktop with the contrast media player is running clean and cut accordingly synonymous, finished clips to run in spite of the vague image in Premiere then with 1A quality in the player)
So it seems "just" a problem of presentation to be directly in Premiere - and despite the annoying but just with an Adobe-certified high-end graphics card issued!

Have been several attempts (sequence requirements and settings, graphics settings, etc.) changed, but the result remains the same.

With normal DV footage (which of house is so blurred) occurs objectively not seen this effect on.

Is there a tip?
Thank you for your efforts in advance


Antwort von Jörg:

Place to play at the highest resolution


Antwort von blueplanet:

Oh Adobe, why is easy if `s complicated!
I thank you Joerg, it would never have occurred!


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Video preview in CS5 blurred Timeline

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