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Frage von scrooge:

Salü together

I work s.einem DV movie with Premiere Pro. I have often in such cases Firewire preview, but this is my first 16:9-Project (filmed with Panasonic GS400).
The problem:
The Sony Television, which I use for the preview can not be of 4:3 to 16:9 switch.
So I have the choice ie: Firewire preview with eggs or heads of the TV-Out graphics card -> Windows Desktop expand -> Preview in Premiere on the TV screen drag.
To do this, my question:
I see the Color performance no difference whether the TV picture shows my Firewire or the graphics card picture, but I am not sure.
How is it technically? If the Picture of the graphics card on the same color TV s.and means I can in this way then synonymous Color correction do?

Noch 'ne "bonus question" ;-)
Rudi & Co., yes times have shown that an old PC monitor tube as HDV preview monitor can use.
How is it there with the attitude and reliability of color?



Antwort von Meggs:

I would in any case, the image preview via FireWire / DA converters on the Television prefer. What DA converter do you use?
In a world premiere at the project settings / playback settings you can change the aspect ratio conversion synonymous set. Default is hardware (if supported). If you go here on software, Premiere sends the preview image in 16 / 9 (Letterbox probably) out. Charged however Processor more.
I personally have the same problem and live with the egg heads, because I usually s.Bildausschnitt not change, and to me the colors and the correct exposure is important. When I Schnittpc the software solution is that when I color effects and more zwischenrendern must.


Antwort von scrooge:

Class, thank you for the hint, I will try it tonight.

The PC is also very new (Quad with Geforce 8500 GT), so I hope that he performancemäßig synonymous wuppt.

As the D / A converters, I use my camcorder, is now a Canon HV30, but may I make so synonymous to convert DV ....



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