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Frage von kronic:


The first time working with pinnacle liquid edtion, previously known only avid. Have now the following question: I want to import miniDV Matrerial. Where can you ask for, as in the Avid resolution (ie quality) set of material to be digitized? Under the Media tab in the login tool, I can indeed represent the highest, but in the sequence, he can not then show me the material. He shows it again when I quality of the media in the timeline again put synonymous to normal. How is related to the liquid Resolutionzwischen Material and timeline. I'm confused. Just want the highest Resolutioneinladen and the material after the cut in the highest Resolutionfusen to further process it in compositing.

Thanks for your help


Antwort von Udo Schröer:

If you have read the material as a computer you get your auto resolution available. When you create a new project, you put down the Resolutionin the timeline. (Timeline_Eigenschaften there) where you have Resolutiongewählt maximum, and then get no picture relates to your preview on the monitor and has nothing to do with the output quality.
Even with me the picture remains black if I set the highest quality in minimal media.


Antwort von kronic:

Hi Udo,

Thank you for your quick reply.

"If you have read the material as you automatically get your DV resolution available.

this means that there is no preference, which I log-in tool terminates in the equestrian media, as long as I minidv of import? So there is no edition in compression settings, as in avid (2:1, 10:1, ....)? I drive s.besten So, when I log in the equestrian media tools to "Normal" and in the facilities provided for the editing timeline synonymous to the Maximum and the minimum quality to "Normal" is? I get digitized as the quasi-kram Losless? not climb very much behind the media management of edition. The choice of "codecs" digitized Settings no effect on the material? And the "codec" is synonymous for fusen no effect?


Antwort von Udo Schröer:

I read a my videos as DV, this is my Resolutionvon 576x720 preserved. When creating a new project to open a window where you can comment Resolutioneingeben.
I set the following
Pal 16:9 or 4:3
Resolution720 X576
Interlacing top field first.
If you are so setting will appear automatically when rendering Fuse codec DV / AVI.
Normally, with DV material the lower field first, but when I do, I get to see any more DV AVI. My guess is that here is a small error in the field setting.
Another codec you only have to choose if you want to change your resolution. From my experience, a higher error because Resolutionnur brings the new points are calculated and it is properly understood and error.

The other settings are s.PC your presentation, if your calculator is too slow you can switch to Normal or Low.

For film production, I do the following. (This document is unfortunately not described in the Manual)
File / Fuse sequence, here you can direct your movie into a DV AVI File in the "original resolution," if you have under the post-processing module include "no". You can save the file in any folder. I even checked the file and I was shown the original recording with my video camera Sony DV codec video codec.
The option with the output wizard I have rejected for me because there I have to enter a different codec.

Back to Media Management:
Caveat: I have even started before Weihnechten with LE and very intensively practiced over the holidays, I found out the following.

LE does not allow direct access to foreign files.
Everything you need for your video must first be assigned to your project.
Eg If you need music, you must create a rack and import them into this rack, here you can then see your tracks and paste them as needed. LE storage in a separate folder, and informations, synonymous as a shortcut when you say import, creates a file that is as big as the originals.
My guess is that this is necessary to the reliability of software.

Since I have collected a very extensive sound effects and do not always want to capture everything new, I have initially created a project template. Here I have everything stored s.Sound, background music, etc.. Now when I start a new project related directly to me all the sound files.


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